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View Poll Results: Is TH Responsible for the Disappearance of Kyron?

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    Is TH Responsible in any way for the Disappearance of Kyron? **NO DISCUSSION**

    Please vote in the poll and then LIST your reason if you would like. No discussion LIST ONLY.

    This is just in your opinion of course.

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    (p.s., I found this a difficult vote to cast because of the "in any way", since ultimately every adult in Kyron's life played a role in his disappearance, if only to the level of not reading the signs, sensing something off, or generally just passing over the niggling feelings they had. [No, I am not blaming people] But I do not believe Terri herself caused Kyron's disappearance. I do, however, feel she has knowledge of what happened.)

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    I think TH is responsible for Kyron's disappearance because:

    1) She was the last known adult to see him.
    2) She allegedly was untruthful about her whereabouts that morning.
    3) I thought her behavior was odd at the first press conference.
    4) She allegedly tried to have her husband murdered.
    5) She showed the sealed RO to her new lover.
    6) Her new lover took photos of the RO.
    7) Her new lover googled Kaine's new address.
    8) She asked her new lover to lie to her lawyer about her being at his home.
    9) She sent explicit pics of herself to this new lover, which only interests me due to LE telling Kaine that this is very similar behavior to what she did with the landscaper she allegedly attempted to hire to kill Kaine.
    10) All other immediate family adults (KH, TY, DY) seem to believe without doubt that TH is responsible, and they are being supplied info from LE.
    11) I believe LE believes that TH is responsible for Kyron's going missing, and are just keeping it close to their vest for now, as they work on proving it beyond reasonable doubt, and finding Kyron. But I strongly believe that DY, TY and KH have all been helped along in their opinions by information that is leaked to them by LE, even though LE would never admit that at this time.

    ETA 12) A judge saw enough to issue the RO in the first place, and remove baby K from her custody, which I don't think was done without sufficient cause for alarm.
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    I believe the the actions exhibited by TMH are evidence that she is either having a breakdown or was unstable to begin with. In my mind this is similar to the incredible melt down that the "innocent" OJ suffered dealing with the guilt he was hiding. JMO

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    What put me over the edge was her starting up the sexting after KH and her daughter moved out. To me that is typical psychopathic behavior. It is saying to me that she has moved on and she feels she has her problems behind her. These are the types of people that most often commit crimes against children, IMO.

    ETA: Please note that this is my opinion and not the stance of Websleuths.

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    I still suspect Kaine AND Terri AND Mr. Cook... so with that, I chose "no clue" since I can't pick just one that I think could possibly be involved.

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    I had to vote as "no clue" myself. TH does seem the most likely suspect. However, this case has twisted & turned so many different ways (often with little LE confirmation) ... I have trouble keeping track of what I do know for sure. For me, I'll know when the case is presented against whoever ends up being arrested for this crime.

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    I voted yes, I don't necessarily think it was planned (just can't wrap my brain around that yet), but her cavalier "hitting the gym" the day before she planned to go less than a week after little Kyron went missing if just off, I do not believe in any explanation that planning to go and work out a day ahead of time, when your child is missing makes one iota of sense.

    Add to that all of the insane details that have come out since, and I am convinced.

    IMOO of course.
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    "The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it." Flannery O'Connor

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    No clue. I am all over the map on this one.

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    I picked no clue, as I can't go by what others believe with no facts or no evidence.

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    No clue.

    It does not look good for TMH but when I get down to it, the vast majority of the evidence against is in the form of allegations, not proven facts. Well, anyone can allege anything and they often do, particularly in highly emotional situations.

    For TMH as perp:

    1) last known person to see Kyron
    2) failed two polys
    3) no good explanation of her movements that day
    4) MFH plot

    Against TMH as perp:

    1) Kyron's deskmate places Kyron at the school after TMH left
    2) Polygraphs are far from reliable
    3) Trauma can impair memory in weird ways
    4) No arrest yet in MFH plot; no real info about witness to judge his credibility

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    It's as though Terri is an "unknown person"...
    Do they really know who she is?

    She came in as a babysitter & stayed as a lover.

    Seven years later, she may be someone else's lover...& not a babysitter.

    As obvious as it all is...(guilt) I'm very confused by her.
    What did she expect by this all? Attention?
    ...Past behavior predicts future behavior...

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    While TH would appear to be the most likely suspect...I still am not 100% convinced. Parts appear planned...other parts don't. If she's THAT clever to stage some kind of abduction out of a school...but yet not clever enough to be concerned with covering up cell phone pings and transactions that can be linked to her...

    To me either that points to Kyron being handed off...or the possibility that she didn't do this. This is JMHO...and I know it's a very unpopular one...

    However, I don't believe that not remembering your exact whereabouts down to the minute or getting the order of the places wrong that one visited, or sexting, or hiring a lawyer determines guilt.

    She may very well be guilty but it hasn't been proven to me...at least not yet.
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    Love never fails.

    I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
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    I voted "yes" because of her behavior since Kyron has been missing. The failed polys, and the sexting; also the interview on The Today show this morning when TY states "I absolutely believe that TH is responsible for Kyron's disappearance." And DY explaining about the "red flags". Even TH's emerging "pattern of behavior", i.e. entering a relationship with a male in order to have them "help" her.

    There just seems to be so many things here. It's hard to keep giving her the benefit of the doubt.

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    After watching multiple videos of Kaine, he seems straightforward to me. I believe him that he was at work at the time of Kyron's disappearance. He's ruled out for me. I believe him that Terri was uncooperative with three polygraphs. Since Terri was the last known person to see Kyron before he disappeared, being uncooperative with three polys makes her the primary suspect to me. There is no information available yet that convinces me she was involved in Kyron's disappearance. Something going wrong with one poly would not convince me. Even two *may* not convince me. But three is just too much.

    I'm not sure yet whether Terri acted alone. If she did not, I don't believe Kaine participated or had any knowledge.

    I don't yet what I think Terri did with Kyron, whether she hid him, had him abducted in some way/for some means, or whether she harmed him.

    Right now, I'm thinking she didn't harm him for two reasons. One that she was reported to be happy and excited that morning, just prior to Kyron's disappearance, and two because of the sexting and graphic sexual pictures so soon afterwards. That level of sort of manic happiness and excitement (I don't mean sexual excitement) in someone about to murder and who had just murdered a child indicates a sociopathy, the level of which I can only parallel to someone like Joseph Duncan. I can't yet let my mind go there, to where this woman is that evil. It makes me physically nauseous for poor Kyron to even attempt to do so.

    I am hoping she is evil and/or sick, that she arranged some sort of abduction or hiding of Kyron, and that he is alive and well. I fear, though, that she did harm him.

    ETA: I forgot to say I voted 'Yes'.
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