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    Thumbs up Animal Rights: New Laws Take Movement to the Mainstream

    Starting in 2015, every egg sold in California will have to comply with strict hen-rights rules. Cages will have to be large enough for the birds to stand up, lie down and spread their wings without touching each other or the sides of the cage. California voters adopted these rules for in-state egg producers two years ago. Last week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law that extended the rules to out-of-state producers who want to sell their eggs in California.

    The move was just the latest example of how animal rights are on the march - in the U.S. and much of the rest of the world.

    This enthusiasm for animal rights is also fueling a national movement to rein in the chaining of dogs, a practice animal-rights advocates regard as cruel and dangerous for the dog. Thirteen states now have laws that limit the chaining or tethering of dogs outside, such as to a metal pole or a tree. Several more states are considering such laws, which impose restrictions like requiring that chains be of a minimum length.

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    I am an advocate for animal welfare as opposed to animal rights. Cruelty to animals is just so accepted by nearly all societies because, after all, they are "just animals." It hurts me deeply to see the suffering that they endure, and they do suffer.

    Adji, you are not forgotten and you are loved.

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    I'm a conservative but I did vote for "more elbow room for chickens" as the taunters here called it. I grew up the daughter of farmers and ranchers. I have nothing against eating meat, but there is a thankfulness you must have that the animal gave its life so that you may eat and have yours. If they are just "manufactured" and what little of their life they have is so horrendous - I believe you are eating that. I know that sounds weird but in the natural balance, the cow or chicken is out doing it's thing on the range and then you eat it. You aren't eating a lifetime of anxiety. The whole cages and cruel environments bothers me. Haven't eaten veal since I knew what it was.

    I am not a big animal rights person, but we have to try and have some humanity to those that we have dominion over.

    More elbow room for chickens is fine with me!!! If I pay a few more cents for an egg...super.
    Disclaimer: I have a JD, but I am not licensed to practice. Therefore, do not interpret anything contained in my posts as legal advice - they are my personal opinion only.

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    Great to hear that, Dark Knight. I hope it's extended to other states.

    One thing that really disgusts me is to get eggs from the grocery, crack them open and the eggs are watery. Yuck, makes me think the eggs were produced by sick chickens.

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    Thank you for posting this too DK. It is obvious to anyone who looks at my signatures I am a big animal rights champion. Anyone who has had the wonderful experience of living with and creating a bond with an animal knows they are creatures who experience emotions - including fear, frustration but most notably - love. It is absolutely appaling to me there are not more laws in place to protect animals on a domestic level as well as an industrial level. It literally breaks my heart to think how under-estimated animals are.

    As far as factory farms I think Paul McCartney said it best: If slaughter-house's had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian.
    'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'

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