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    Australia - Nambour, Qld, WhtMale, 45-60, on spillway of Poona Dam, Sep'08

    Case originally posted by: Samiya, moved here for discussion...

    Qld Police need help to identify this man.
    Poona Dam myster man

    He has some tattoos that can be seen here (WARNING GRAPHIC...photos are the actual photos of the tattoos taken from the deceased.)
    I would like help to find the original tattoo flash designs if possible as I am working privately on this case. I do know that the tattoo designs are American in origin, so it may be possible (although a long shot) that they were tattooed during a trip to the USA.
    Basically, Qld police have exhausted all avenues, including international..so I am using my networks to try and find a lead.
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    Link to tattoos not working

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    It should work now

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    Police have a new lead after publicizing the tattoo photos:


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    Quote Originally Posted by tatertot View Post
    Police have a new lead after publicizing the tattoo photos:

    The Courier Mail has a similar story that focuses more on how he is suspected to have frequented a business in the area.

    Kingaroy is a smallish town (less than 10,000 inhabitants) but because it is a sort of regional focus for the area has an unusual number of caravan parks, motels, bed and breakfasts etc for its population. The area is prosperous farming land that has historically provided quite a good living to the people who own land there, the crops are mainly peanuts and also a few wineries.

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    Dead man leaves smiley face as only clue to identity - See more at: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/nati....BocQtnCd.dpuf
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    Dead man leaves smiley face as only clue to identity

    September 14, 2013

    BEFORE his lonely death, a man's last act was to leave a puzzle for police that has remained stubbornly unsolved for five years.
    Next to the man's body was a wallet - containing no identification - that had been left open to show a smiley face on a card.

    "Have a nice day," read the card, in an apparent challenge to police to solve the mystery of his identity.

    Measuring just over 6ft (185cm) and weighing 102kg, he was between 45 and 60 years of age. At some point in his past he had sat down for tattoos on his upper arms of a shark, eagle, Native American woman and warrior.


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    Facial reconstruction of the unidentified man found at Poona Dam in 2008


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    Just reading the articles - 2 different reports on who found him:

    Perth Now.
    Two young boys were playing when they discovered the man's body curled up on the concrete spillway of Poona Dam at Nambour on September 9, 2008.
    SMH.
    A workman discovered the body of the 45 to 60-year-old near the eastern spillway of the Poona Dam near Nambour in Queensland's southeast on September 9, 2008.

    Courier New.
    He was between 45 and 60 years of age.

    The man was located wearing:
    A red ‘Bauhaus’ baseball cap,
    long sleeved “Duchamp” brand black shirt,
    “Aus sport” grey tracksuit pants,
    white orange and grey “Fila” ankle socks
    and a pair of “Cougar” white, navy, silver and orange sandshoes.
    Police estimate the man was approximately 178cm tall,
    with short straight grey hair
    and a heavy build.

    Another Source says his height is:
    Measuring just over 6ft (185cm)
    and weighing 102kg

    Found with the body:
    A wallet - containing no identification.
    A smiley face on a card that said, "Have a nice day"
    Empty blister packs of prescription tablets
    An old Plains Video Kingaroy rental card.

    Tattoo artists on the Sunshine Coast advised the faded body art was probably more than 30 years old and had no particular military or merchant navy affiliations.

    It would be nice for this man to have his name back and his family to know he was found. I hope they keep the investigation ongoing into who he is.

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    Poona Dam mystery deepens after body of Charlie Rawlins found at Mount Coot-tha

    His clothing was nondescript and he carried no identification. The only clue was a membership card from a video store which had closed and deleted all records.

    There was a series of dead ends until late last year, when police discovered a man named Charlie Rawlins had not been seen since 2008.

    “He was only reported missing when Queensland Police followed up with his brother in relation to weapons that Mr Rawlins had registered in his name and the locality of those weapons,” Missing Persons Unit Detective Senior Sergeant Damien Powell said.

    The brother said he hadn’t seen Mr Rawlins since 2008, and there was some evidence he’d been heading towards the Sunshine Coast region.

    It was only a matter of days between the last sighting of Mr Rawlins and discovery of the body.
    Mr Rawlins looked very much like the man at Poona Dam, was of a similar height and build and both wore glasses.
    Police were awaiting the results of the DNA test – something they believed was mere formality – when bushwalkers discovered human remains just off a popular walking track at Mount Coot-tha, in Brisbane’s west.

    The walkers were surveying an area for a possible zipline project when they noticed a pair of shoes in the undergrowth.

    They went to investigate and discovered a human skeleton.

    “His personal effects were with him, including a wallet identifying who he was. There was even a sum of cash still in his wallet,” Snr-Sgt Powell said.

    Inside the wallet was Mr Rawlins’ identification, ruling him out as the man who had died at Poona Dam.
    The Poona Dam man’s remains were discovered on September 9, 2008. He is caucasian, aged 45-60 years, 102kg, 185cm tall and has tattoos of a shark, an eagle, an Indian lady and a warrior on his upper left and right arms.
    Read More: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/q...4fedb2a5effc33

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