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    He is still listed as missing on namus if I have the right guy.

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    He is still listed on Namus as missing. Should someone email namus?

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    San Angelo woman gets eight-year murder sentence


    A distraught father overwhelmed with emotion delivered a tearful message in a Tom Green County courtroom Wednesday, demanding that the woman who was involved in his son's 2010 death tell the truth about the slaying.

    "You didn't take (his life), but you were involved in it. For once in your life, tell the truth!" Bill Plunkett said, as Kimberly Nichole Linthicum appeared before 51st District Judge Barbara Walther for a plea hearing.

    "Me and my family have been through hell" over the last seven years, the 54-year-old Plunkett told Linthicum, 32. "I watched my wife suffer over this, and all I can do is stand beside her and help her through this."

    Linthicum, who was already in tears during her sentencing, told Bill Plunkett and his wife, "I'm sorry!"

    Linthicum on Wednesday pleaded guilty to murder a first-degree felony punishable by five to 99 years in prison and received an eight-year sentence as part of a plea agreement with state prosecutors for her involvement in the death of of Brian Plunkett, 23.
    Best said Linthicum told the Sheriff's Office what happened the day Brian Plunkett was killed. She said she was in relationships with Plunkett and with George Dale Simmons, 38, and the three had an ongoing history of drug use together. She said she and Simmons arranged to meet with Plunkett, intending to rob him of guns and cash. The three met near Grape Creek, and an altercation on the roadside ended with Simmons strangling Plunkett in a chokehold, according to Linthicum.

    Linthicum and Simmons were both arrested and charged with murder about five years after Plunkett's disappearance. Linthicum was indicted in March 2015, and a grand jury declined to indict Simmons. He was released from county jail on March 15, 2016.

    "She said that George Simmons committed the murder," Best said, adding that, however, "you can't convict somebody of a crime base solely on the testimony of an accomplice witness."

    "We'll continue looking for any new evidence that might corroborate with what Kimberly Linthicum said happened and about George Simmons' role in the murder," Best said. "It's not a question of going after (Simmons). It's a question of evidence."

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    I don't know if I believe her story that the intent was only to rob him. Hmm.

    The prosecutors couldn't get an indictment of the supposed killer even after the plea deal - what a spectacular misfire.

    8 years is paltry given the conspiracy and luring the victim.


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