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    :( Electrocuted mum found dead w/son sleeping in her arms


    A mum was electrocuted in a freak garden accident and was found with her son sleeping in her arms.

    Laura Hobday, 35, was discovered lying next to her hedge trimmer after a fatal shock from the equipment, an inquest heard. Neighbour Victoria Morris said she had heard Ms Hobday's 22-month-old son Josh in the garden crying "Mummy".

    Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-sto...#ixzz0tx6RCQEh

    This is so sad May she rest in peace ....
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    How heartbreaking. That poor little guy...

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    How awful and how scary to think this could happen so easily.
    How does this happen and how do things like that get past inspection?

    I will keep the family in my prayers. So very very sad.

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    Oh, that is heart breaking. That poor little boy - trying to "wake her up," I suppose.

    R.I.P. to Ms Hobday, and best wishes to little Josh.

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    Poor little fella. Prayers to the family. Sounds like she was a good Mom sharing some gardening time with her little guy. Just heartbreaking.

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