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    OR - David Moore for sex abuse of two 4yo girls, Portland, 2009


    Portland man convicted of abusing two 4-year-olds at day care sentenced to 17 years in prison

    "The two sets of parents sat in the courtroom, just steps away from the 23-year-old day-care worker who molested their 4-year-old daughters while other children played, snacked or napped nearby at the Northeast Portland child-care facility.

    Tears dripped from the mothers' cheeks. And the fathers stared blankly forward as a Multnomah County judge sentenced David Daniel Moore to about 17 years in prison this week.

    "Your honor, one of the hardest things as a parent is to trust someone with our children," the parents of one of the girls wrote in a letter, which was read aloud by their civil attorney, Josh Lamborn. "We thought that at Angela's Academy we had found a place that was a safe and secure environment for our children to learn. With David Moore's actions, we have found it nearly impossible to trust anyone any more....."


    "....Moore, who had been physically abused by his biological mother, had been a foster child of the owner, Angela Braxton-Johnson. Then later, she gave him a job....."


    ".....he girl's parents have hired Lamborn to negotiate with the day care's insurance company for a settlement....."

    more at link

    I don't know how many read the thread I started last night about the former doctor/flight attendant multimillionaire, Scott Strickland of Portland. But if you notice these children had the same civil attorney. I'm not understanding something here.

    Our children were raped but their case was argued by the District Attorney's office. We got a conviction on 12 counts--five 1st Degree Rape and Sodomy counts. When it came to appeal, a state attorney argued it. When it came to the Post Conviction Relief Trial, the Attorney General's office handled it. When they couldn't protect our children from deposition nine years after the crimes in a trial to benefit their rapist, we were forced to pay a $10,000 retainer to have someone attempt to protect our children. That didn't work, so we worked to change the law.

    What is going on? Our children have never gotten any funds, only county paid therapy under the victims program. And only for the ones who were deemed high functioning enough to benefit from talk therapy. None of their hospital stays for suicide attempts and panic attacks have ever been paid for by victims services or the rapist. Their eligibility for any services ended at age 18. I'm not understanding the presence of a civil attorney at these trials. We've been told that no insurance agency could ever be held responsible, either at the school where our children were raped or at the neighbor's home, as there would have to be irrefutable proof that someone KNEW the young man who raped our children would rape. How can someone prove that. I'm very curious about this. As I sit here and look at tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills.

    Does anyone understand this process?

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    No Missizzy, I sure dont ,and I pray I never have too. Maybe state laws vary allowing this is some places and not others?

    I do know if a place has a written policy and does something that violates their policy, then that does place blame on them. Like if they have the policy and ignore it it was kinda like they knew something could happen (why they have the policy) and allowed it by ignoring it.
    I dont know how the Insurance companies work in these cases. Except some bussiness providers have to be bonded but I do not know much about how that works.

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    There are different liability insurance coverages that sort of a business can get. Most of them specifically exclude abuse, you have to pay extra for it. Perhaps the insurance she carried covered it?

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