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View Poll Results: Who did she try to protect by writing the RN?

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  • JR

    1 20.00%
  • BR

    4 80.00%
  • JAR

    0 0%

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    If PR is innocent but...

    ....wrote the note in order to protect someone,
    who do you think she did it for,
    BR or JR or JAR?
    The rice is already cooked...

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    I'd have to say for me, I can see reasons for each. For BR, no further thought is required on my part. Her only intent was to protect her young son from the devastating process of being held responsible publicly for his sister's assault and murder.
    With JR, each parent had to have something to lose. If JR was molesting her and Patsy bashed her skull in a rage, they each had good reason to protect the other.
    With JAR, I can't see Patsy covering for him alone. BR would have to be involved somehow. I don't care how much she loved her husband and her lifestyle, I don't see her covering for her stepson and just letting it go.
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    This would be the thing that doesn't fit in my JDI theory.
    IF they staged it all they must have been very desperate and that points more to wanting to save BR.
    The rice is already cooked...

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