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    TX - Ruby Akers, 75, Sherman, Jan 1986


    Updated Sunday, July 25, 2010 7:34 PM

    Ruby Akers was 75 years old when she disappeared. She was reported to have walked away from the Sherman Nursing Center in the middle of a cold, but sunny January day, wearing only a green and red shirt with matching green pants. The sweater she constantly wore, even indoors at the home, was folded and left on her bed, and her eyeglasses and dentures were in their places on the nightstand...

    ...Sherman police had considerable help from law enforcement at the city, county and state levels, according to Carey and to Mrs. Akers grandson, Daniel Akers, who still seeks an answer in spite of the passage of time. Bob Akers, Mrs. Akers' son and Daniel Akers' father, died never knowing what happened, and he was never able to bury his mother, and he never found away to fill that void, Daniel Akers said...

    ... That emptiness is there, someone you are used to seeing every single day of your life, is gone, instantly. Even to this day, there's no tombstone, no grave to go visit. There are so many things that don't add up, but no way to investigate," Akers lamented...
    A lengthy in depth article about Ruby Akers. Well written IMHO. Worth reading, especially the anonymous phone calls the family got afterwards.

    Ruby is not listed on any missing adult sites that I can find.

    She is not listed in the NamUs database either.

    Prayers for her Grandson Daniel.

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    25 Years Ago...

    It has been 25 years since Ruby Akers went missing. She would be 100 years old now.

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