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    Chihuahua plays surrogate mom to chipmunk

    Click the link to see the pic!


    A dog named Buffy has nursed a little rodent for a week

    When Buffy the Chihuahua lost a puppy during a C-section July 29, the doctor sent her home with a replacement for consolation — a chipmunk weighing less than an ounce.

    Marty the chipmunk has adapted well to Buffy’s nursing, surprising even his caretaker.

    “He won’t know he’s a chipmunk when his eyes open,” said Imogene Wills, 70, the dog’s owner.

    The baby chipmunk, species not yet identified, was found in the parking lot of a nearby Safeway store. He was brought to the Companion Pet Clinic in Keizer the same morning as Buffy’s operation.

    “It’s unusual to see a chipmunk in the city limits,” said Dr. Mark Stoenner, clinic veterinarian.

    When the clinic’s receptionist, Marty’s namesake, showed the struggling chipmunk to Wills, she knew that Buffy, her long-hair, Deer head Chihuahua, could nurse him.

    “I thought mother’s milk is better than frozen goat’s milk,” Wills said. “Buffy is so protective. She thinks it’s a puppy.”


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    What a sweet story!

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    Thanks for moving this for me Cass. And here's an update on Marty the Chipmunk:

    Status report

    Marty, chipmunk species not yet identified, weighed about 7/8 an ounce. when he was brought to Companion Pet Clinic in Keizer on July 29. He was no more than 2 to 3 days old.

    He now weighs 1 1/4 ounces with no signs of rejection after seven days of nursing by Buffy, a Chihuahua.

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