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    LA - Ernest Luttrell, 73, dies in contract killing, Keithville, 25 July 2010


    could not find this story anywhere on here and thought it another very strange and SAD FAMILY saga about what goes on behind closed doors
    ........when this story first came out in the paper there is no way I would have guessed what was to come next.......I'm telling ya'.......it's getting where , though, just about nothing shocks me anymore

    (if previously posted , please delete.....thanks)

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    Why won't people ever learn, they most likely will not get away with it.

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    awww this is so sad!!! I can't believe after 50 years she'd have this done to her husband!!!!!!! I'm still so shocked. I was expecting some cracked out 30 yr old as the greedy wife...

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    That lady was mad. Never underestimate a wife of all those years who is mad.

    In no way am I condoning this, but why would you get the housekeeper involved? Then she gets that dude involved.

    Oddly this does not shock me at all. On the contrary. The husband had promised to help the wife's family member financially. He changed his mind. She got pizzzed. She hires someone to kill him so she can sell the property.

    Hmmmm, the housekeeper lived in a mobile home out back of the couple's home. If Mrs. Lutrell sold the property that would have put the housekeeper out, no?


    This is interesting. Lots of comments and people shocked. A good point is made that by paying only $1,000 for a hit makes it fishy. Speculation that Mrs. Lutrell is not of sound mind and that the housekeeper was stealing from them. Oh and that Crain screwed up royally by not taking Mr. Lutrell's wallet and not ditching his vehicle yet leaving it right at his own house. He is called a "po-dunk" of which I have no idea what that is, but I'm looking it up.

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    did not see this posted, may have missed it......

    Saw a paragraph about a possible "link to Alzheimer's" but it did not specificaly name Mrs. L and I could not get it to link........
    THAT would be interesting ; however, I do not always trust diagnoses of that disease ; my mother's death certificate reads "end stage Alzheimer's" and if firmly believe she was mis-diagnosed. If she had Alzheimer's, she had it since she was born!
    My aunt, on the other hand, and who's cert. read the same, seemed to be "classic" as regards that illness. I was consistently with them both until the end.
    NEITHER of them would have , at any time, come even close to hiring someone to murder someone OR be drawn into a scheme that would do harm to someone.
    I am thinking this lady may have been " mad" at her husband for years!

    to Filly.......I have heard the term "po-dunk" all my life......and have thought it was related to terms like "hicksville" , or "one horse town" , etc. ......assuming that not much is going on in the town or the minds of the folks in it..........(often a sad commentary on the person making the judgment).

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    From January 2012:


    Instead of facing a jury or a bench trial, 45-year-old Tina Marie Vanmoerkerque entered a guilty plea Thursday in Caddo Parish District Court to second-degree murder for her role in the July, 2010 shooting death of Ernest Luttrell.

    Judge John Mosely sentenced Vanmoerkerque to life in prison at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.
    From February 2012:


    Loretta Moore Luttrell has been ruled incompetent to stand trial for first degree murder in the July, 2010 murder for hire of Ernest Luttrell...

    Erick Dewayne Crain, the admitted trigger man, pled guilty in June of last year to first-degree murder. Crain is serving a life sentence.
    From May 2013:


    Linda Kate Passaniti, 58, was found guilty on May 5 on all five counts against her in the murder-for-hire of her 73-year-old stepfather Ernest Luttrell in July 2010.

    On Thursday morning, Passaniti received life for her conviction on principal to second degree murder, plus 30 years hard labor for conspiracy to commit second degree murder, and another 10 years on each of the three forgery convictions.

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