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    PA - Elizabeth Neimeic, 2, abducted & murdered, Erie, 1 Aug 2010

    There was nothing in the news about this until I went to another forum to find out there were news. Maybe it's because of the misspelling of her last name. NCMEC did misspell her last name.

    Here's what the NCMEC sent me on this little girl:

    "Dear Poster Partner:
    It is with great sadness and deep regret that we notify you that ELIZABETH NIEMIC missing from ERIE, PA , has been located deceased. Please discontinue dissemination of this poster. Please remove and discard any posters on this case that you have placed in public view. We greatly appreciate your part in our efforts to reunite families and look forward to your continued support. Thank you for your support."

    So sad because this happened on the weekend and NCMEC hardly ever send me anything on weekends so I didn't find out til today, til it was too late.

    Then there's this article about her death and the arrest of the kidnapper.


    ERIE, Pa. Police in northwestern Pennsylvania say a man has confessed to abducting and killing a 2-year-old girl.

    Authorities charged Aaron Lee Noyer on Monday with criminal homicide, aggravated assault and kidnapping in the death of Elizabeth Neimeic. The toddler's body was found Sunday.

    Police believe Noyer entered a window at the girl's home Sunday to commit a burglary. Police say Noyer took the girl, sexually assaulted her and then strangled her before leaving her body near railroad tracks.

    Police arrested Noyer after fingerprints at the girl's home matched his.

    Noyer was being held at the Erie County Prison. It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

    Wasn't an Amber Alert issued?

    RIP, Elizabeth.
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    Dear God, this poor sweet baby girl ~ may she rest in peace. Praying for the parents strength as they bare a lifetime of burden of this news. The images alone would kill me.

    Here's a MS page about ALN with a pic http://www.myspace.com/539852539
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    I was just coming on to post this story. It is the first such case of a random act of violence toward a child in the local area since I moved here 8 years ago -- a shock to the community.

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    2 more articles at this link


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    Quote Originally Posted by Haddie McFaddies Mom View Post
    Dear God, this poor sweet baby girl ~ may she rest in peace. Praying for the parents strength as they bare a lifetime of burden of this news. The images alone would kill me.

    Here's a MS page about ALN with a pic http://www.myspace.com/539852539
    Check out that comment on his MS page!

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    His MS page says that he is "expecting" a child. It doesn't seem that he has much regard for children. That poor child.

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    Poor little one.

    I will never, never, never understand WHY someone would do this. Maybe it's better not to be able to understand. To steal an innocent sleeping baby out of her bed and waste her life like she is nothing more than an old newspaper.....just horrific and senseless.

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    2? She's 2!

    Riley Fox....

    I simply don't understand how you go in with the intent to burglarize and end up committing this crime. I don't get it.

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    I have just read this and it has made me so angry......what a lowlife scum........this guy should be locked away for a very very long time and kept away from society.......he is bad and will only keep harming people and stealing and lying if put back in society......what makes me angry is that with the wonderful legal systems all over the world, he wont be kept in for the term of his life...........actually I think your legal system over there is tougher than ours........australias legal system is a joke, everyone here is complaining about it....

    Yuk how do people get so bad..............one thing re those comments, I am glad that girl put them on there to warn other girls......but she had children and she said he was mean to them......I hope this girl was not living with him or left her children alone with him.....

    sorry for my vent but this has disguisted me and I am truly truly sad for the parents of that poor little girl........
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    It doesn't actually look like it's his page, and if it is, then some girl that he wronged hijacked it and let the world know that he's scum. (good for her btw...)

    I'm glad they caught this POS.

    R.I.P Elizabeth
    R.I.P Jenni-Lyn Watson

    "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    "From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." ~Socrates

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    This is so disgusting! I am sick and tired of seeing, hearing, about these horrific crimes against children and the sorry EXCUSES that attorney's come up with to get these perverse bass turds off! My daughter is an attorney, but not Criminal attorney, because she didn't want to ever end up having to defend a POS like this. I am sick to death of hearing every single day the heinous crimes against innocent children, and our elderly.
    Sick, sick, sick! It's getting worse and worse! A total breakdown of society and the dumbing down of our citizens by our own government!

    May this little baby RIP, that poor little baby. I am and fed up with our JUST US laws. People need to stop making excuses for what they alone have done. This guy should never see the light of day ever again! And that goes for ALL child sex offenders. Get rid of this POS, he's useless!


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    You know, I think that myspace page was set up by a smart ex-girlfriend. He probably never knew it was there or couldn't access it. I would say that was a good idea but would not want to encourage a slander suit. However, in this case it looks like he really is horrible and even more terrible than she probably imagined. This poor little baby and her family. My prayers are with them.

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    choctaw beach,florida

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    aww that poor little girl. This is horrible. How do you go from wanting to rob to stealing a child. My house is locked up tight, and my kids are right across the hall. But most nights I like to just stay awake and listen. I even had a horrible dream last night that someone stealing them.

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    Rest in Peace Elizabeth.

    Glove Findin'
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    Always Cheerin'

    Softball Mom

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