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    'Solar Tsunami' Hits Earth Today, Aug 3, 2010

    Wave of plasma expected to produce spectacular light show

    Two massive explosions on the sun have sent a wave of supercharged gas racing toward Earth, but people should expect an amazing light show instead of fiery doom, NASA says. The "solar tsunami" probably won't be strong enough to knock out telecommunications equipment, but the plasma is likely to trigger spectacular displays of the northern and southern lights, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

    Read more: http://www.newser.com/story/97095/so...#ixzz0vXg22SXc

    ETA: Nasa scientists braced for 'solar tsunami' to hit earth
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    Back in the 70's (it may have been as late as the first year or two of the 80's but I doubt it) we were able to see northern lights in the evening sky in Louisville KY.

    It was fascinating. I'm sure we are at too low of a latitude here now.

    Man how I wish we had been stationed in Alaska now!

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    I really, really, really, hope we can see this in Northern PA! I've seen many wonderful sights in my life, Mayan Ruins, the Sistine Chapel, the statue of David, but there is nothing that I want to see more then the northern lights!

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    did anyone see anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyL View Post
    did anyone see anything?
    Unfortunately I did not but it was cloudy here last night. I would also love to know if anyone saw anything...

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