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    A message to us from Rosemont Farms

    Hi internet sleuths,

    I am Heather Walters from Rosemont Farm in Yamhill (aka @Rosemont_Farm).

    After watching the events with Dede Spicher unfold with much dismay and wondering what to do about it all, I've decided to come forward here at Websleuths and set the record straight once and for all.

    I gave an interview to Anita Kissee at KATU a couple of Friday's ago about this same thing, but unfortunately the rumor mill is still churning.

    Our farm has been in our family since 1846 and to us it's part of our family. There is nothing we would do to jeopardize it up to and including participating in any criminal activity or associating with known criminal types or persons with questionable integrity or character.

    This farm is a family legacy. We care for this land with every shred of our hearts so seeing the speculations and misinformation about our farm is troubling to say the least.

    I'm going to clear up a few things and hopefully ease some speculation in regards to our association with the Kyron Horman case.

    1. No one in my family knows or has ever met or corresponded with knowingly any person in the Horman, Moulton or Young family.
    2. Only one person in our family has corresponded with Dede Spicher - me. Via twitter, email, Facebook and I believe some phonetag voicemails.
    3. Dede Spicher was supposed to be an intern on our farm (she approached us with a detailed proposal).
    4. Dede Spicher was NEVER an intern on our farm, nor did she step foot on our farm that we know of.
    5. Neither myself nor anyone associated with my farm (friends or family) know Dede Spicher personally.
    6. I took the Muddy Boy video (associated with the words "Boy + Water + Dirt = Heaven") at my farm on June 5th of my young son playing in the dirt. There were no sinister meanings behind that video. It was merely my beautiful boy playing in the mud as boys love to do.
    7. Our name and address have been associated with horrible untrue accusations...which has led to us losing the ONLY way we advertise through sites like Twitter, Facebook, our blog, Local Harvest etc.
    8. Yes we have pigs. Yes pigs are omnivores. Yes we had an accident on our farm where 2 goats were killed recently. Yes I tweeted something along the lines that pigs will eat anything 'even you' to someone in jest. No we do not feed our pigs dead bodies.
    9. Law Enforcement was called through their tipline around midnight the night I saw Dede Spicher's face on Katu. I offered them carte blanche to search anything they want anytime they want. My family also said the same thing in person to the local sheriff when he came for a trespassing call recently.
    10. To sum up - we do not have anything to do with this case other than being accidentally drug into it because we tweeted with Dede Spicher. This has had a huge impact on our farm in terms of finding customers and I cannot express how much I just wish we could go back to being an anonymous farm.

    If anything can be taken away from this case it is that innocent people have lost all rights to privacy in cases like this...and I can sincerely say that there have been times since this started when I have read horrible things about us that I have been truly scared for our safety.

    Please think LONG and hard before you post people's addresses and identifying information in situations like this.

    In hopes of a positive outcome for Kyron,
    Heather at Rosemont

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    Please note that I have been in email communication with Heather for a few days now. She has been verified. We went back and forth about her posting this information. She was hoping the rumors would go away on the internet, but they are not.

    She came to Websleuths because we are a class act and she felt she could trust us not to start more rumors. I am very proud of all of you for making her feel we could keep our heads on straight!

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    Dear Heather:

    First, let me say I am so sorry that you've been dragged into this mess. I've read some about your farm, and let me add that if I lived in Oregon, I'd be having you butcher a hog for me...or at least 1/2 of one. LOL.

    To have pulled an innocent into this is deplorable; the witch hunt which has gone on is horrific, and is one of the reasons I've been vocal about sticking with facts; not rumors, not speculation, not even too many opinions.

    I know people say "well, if they're innocent, they've got nothing to worry about." The truth is that collateral damage happens...your rights to a peaceful, profitable existance on your family farm have been trampled. You have a family, and I'm sure concerns are present for their safety, as well.

    There is NO reason you should be feeling this way - based on nothing more than internet innuendo, rumor, and witch-hunting. Ruining people's lives based on nothing more than a tweet is simply, totally wrong.

    I am so sorry...and am glad you've posted. I sincerely hope that your life can return to normal, and that you can have a peaceful, gentle existance on your family farm.

    Best regards to you-
    Herding Cats

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    Kimster, TY for bringing Heather's message to us. I feel terribly that her family and their livelihood has been maligned on the web due to such a tenuous at best connection to DeDe. Please assure Heather that we will do our utmost to dispell the rumors if they rear their ugly heads on this or other sites.
    Websleuths now on Facebook

    Welcome to all new members. Thank you for joining the conversation. Please take a moment to become familiar with the TOS and rules, etiquette and information.

    mni wiconi - Lakota for Water is Life.

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    I feel so sad and frustrated for them that they have been drug into this whole mess by rumor-mongers. I hope they are able to recover (financially and emotionally) from this quickly.

    The people who commit crimes like this (kidnapping, murder, whatever it turns out to be) don't realize (or care about) all the innocent bystanders who are harmed by their actions.
    R.I.P. sweet Zahra
    Where's Kyron?

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    Well, the family at Rosemont Farms is a class act!!! I was unaware of a lot of those rumors mentioned above. It would be a shame to lose patronage over such rumors, but rest assured that if I'm ever down there, I'll make it a point to go to Rosemont Farms as a token of gratitude. Thank you for your words, Heather.
    "Until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna crumble... until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna fail."

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    Heather, I am so terribly sorry you are going through this. It's very hard for me to understand why people make up things and harrass innocent people in these cases. It's just plain cruel.

    I'm glad you're here at Websleuths. It's very good to have you.

    Hugs, and I hope it gets better real soon -

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    Thankyou Heather and Kimster.
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    Poor lady. Hopefully these rumors will stop and she & her family can move on.
    John 3:16

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    I want to thank Heather of Rosemont Farm for her email and her honesty as well as being so sincere. I am sorry that the internet rumors have impacted she and her family in the negative way it has.

    The family of Rosemont Farm sound like good people to me! Beautiful name for a farm!

    *Thank you, Kimster!
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I have to say that I am so touched by your posts! My heart has gone out to Heather as we've been communicating and the last thing I wanted to do was let her be exposed to more grief. Thank you all for supporting her decision to say her side of things.

    We have such a wonderful compassionate group here! It makes me feel blessed to be your moderator.

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    "if you're innocent you have nothing to worry about"............. Thank you, Heather, for demonstrating rather dismally, how those words are absolutely false. Even way out here in Montana I have heard great things about your farm. May you continue to prosper and 'grow' in the family tradition of fine farming.

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    Oh wow, I have seen Heather posting on other forums trying to set the record straight and I could tell right away that she is one classy lady.

    Heather, if you are reading this, I am so sorry you are dealing with all this and you can bet we will spread your message.

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    This just goes to show you how one little tidbit of info can spin things out of control. I know many of us have been guilty of it. NOT trying to implicate an innocent person, but searching out the "what ifs". I am so sad for all the innocent people who have had their names dragged through the mud because of random associations with possible guilty persons. After 3 years of lurking here and the past year of actively sleuthing, I am certainly one to hope nobody I've had association with ever commits a crime!

    Thank you Heather for setting the record straight and thank you Kim for bringing this to our attention!
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    Dear Heather,

    Thank you for letting us post your thoughts. As owner of Websleuths I want to let you know that you have "carte blanche" to post anything you want that will clarify the untrue rumors you have been dealing with. I am so very very sorry.

    I am with Kimster. I am very touched by our member's response to Heather's situation.

    Once again, this is another glaring reason why we do our best to prevent rumors from being posted. When we have to delete a post and you wonder why think back to Heather's post.

    Thank you Heather and Welcome.

    Tricia Griffith
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