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    Ireland - Co. Donegal, Male body found off coast, Jun'83 - Noel McGlynn

    I am looking to trace the family of a man we think came from Canada to Ireland in 1986 or that time line.Unfortunately I don't have any info on the man or the family only that he came to Ireland to possibly rekindle a relationship with a woman in Dunfanaghy,Co Donegal.Ireland.If anyone could help with this I would appreciate it.
    Thank you.

    Searching for the Missing
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    From the above link:

    The discovery of the man's body was made on the beach at Horn Head on the northern coast of Co.Donegal on 26 June 1983.The man's remains are buried in Dunfanaghy graveyard in an unmarked grave.Fingerprints were taken,the body was photographed,also his dental charts were taken

    We need to move this to the UID forum, but we don't have a prefix for Ireland. Let me see if I can get that done and get this moved over to the appropriate forum.

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    Thank you for that I appreciate that.
    The man was six feet in height and weighed eleven stone. He had dark brown hair balding and a few days growth of a beard.This man also had dental work done in 1983. He was wearing navy Dingo brand jeans, a black leather belt and a checked shirt. His black shoes were made in the Republic of Ireland.

    This is a link to an update in 2009 I found last night
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    I stumbled across the above link while posting for a missing person who went missing in NY but was an Irish citizen. (IIRC about the citizenship).

    I wanted to bring it here for research reference for those that work in Non-American missing persons.


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    I'll open with this:

    Desmond Joseph Runstedler from Lougheed, AB.

    Age 27 - somewhat younger than estimated

    Height 6'0" - exact match

    Looks broadly match - has a high forehead but not really balding

    Weight - 134 lbs - very light for a grown man of this height (rather than a teenage boy) and even lighter than the Doe (154 lbs) - wouldn't rule out on this because 134 is so light it may be an error.

    Timeframe/circumstances - 4 weeks between disappearance and discovery seems about right; enough time for someone to take off, not check in with home, but to get to Ireland. Cons: there is explicitly stated to be no immigration record, and no indication that he would have taken off voluntarily (although he seemed to have few enough ties) or how he would have gotten money together to make the transatlantic trip.

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    Another possibility but I don't think the circumstances match:


    Age 38 - within any margin of error of the estimate

    Height 6'0" - exact match

    Looks broadly match - receding hair, a few days' beard growth is consistent with time of disappearance

    Weight - 220 lbs - normally I would dismiss on this alone (50% over the weight) but the picture really doesn't show someone that heavy set.

    Timeframe/circumstances - 3 days between date of disappearance is very tight but not impossible. He was a boat pilot so may have had the financial means to get on a plane. He disappeared with his boat though, and was seen going toward Lake Erie. He couldn't have crossed the Atlantic with the boat but could have intended to stage a disappearance or commit insurance fraud - unlikely though. If traveling light he might have bought locally made shoes shortly after arriving, or bought them on a previous visit to Ireland.

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    Thanks for those links im getting them checked out now with the search and rescue man that was there that day so mayb we could identify this man yet.Thanks again I really appreciate the help.

    http://www.missing.ws/default.asp this is another missing persons organisation based in Ireland,run by Fr Aquinas.

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    From April 2013:


    James McGlynn, 56, has spent the past 30 years trying to unravel the mystery of his missing brother, Noel.

    An unidentified body was buried in an unmarked grave at the Holy Cross cemetery in Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal, after it was washed up on rocks nearby on June 26, 1983...

    An earlier inquest revealed that DNA samples taken from the body were found to match with Mr McGlynn's.

    A second inquest found last week that Noel McGlynn died as a result of drowning.

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    Very sad, but interesting piece of information in that article posted by OkieGranny:

    Mr McGlynn revealed in court that another brother had said the body wasn't Noel's when he went to the mortuary at Letterkenny General Hospital. However, he later admitted that he did not identify the body at all because he did not "have the stomach" to see his brother.
    It makes you wonder how many deceased people have been ruled out as being missing persons based on incorrect (or never completed!) identifications by family members struggling with their own grief.

    If only the 'other brother' had viewed the remains and identified them, he could have spared the family three decades of suffering, with both parents eventually dying without knowing what happened to their son:

    Mr McGlynn told the court that his late mother and father, Frances and Charles McGlynn, never believed that his brother was dead and waited in vain for him to eventually return.

    "My mother never got over it.

    "She always thought Noel was going to come home.

    "She sat in the window, looking out for him to return every single day."
    If he really didn't want to view the remains couldn't he have just asked another family member to do it?? Very sad for all involved!

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