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    Old Irish bones may yield murderous secrets in Pa.

    Young and strapping, the 57 Irish immigrants began grueling work in the summer of 1832 on the Philadelphia and Columbia railroad. Within weeks, all were dead of cholera.

    Or were they murdered?


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    Thanks for the link Dark Knight. Absolutely fascinating. I will definitely be following this to see what additonal information they discover. I find archaeology completely riveting.

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    Fascinating!!! I googled Duffy's Cut, Immaculata has a site for this project, among others. I have ancestors who came here long after this, all were laborers of one sort or another, the single females were maids/servants, mostly West Philly, sort of like an indentured thing, they'd get a little help coming over and work it off. Off to look up cholera, I wonder in centuries past would the rest of an infected community be killed off to reduce the spread of disease.

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    This is very, very much on my home turf. I think the work that the Immacullata guys has done is great. There is, however, a local citizen historian by the name of Dan Maguire who started researching this long before the academics got interested. He doesn't get enough credit for his work.

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    Dr. Janet Monge was a professor of mine at PENN back in the 90s. She works on many fascinating cases in the Philly area.

    I think it is great that they are matching the remains to descendents in Ireland. It is important for them to have some knowledge of the fate of their ancestors since they were denied any information at the time.

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    These folks have a Facebook page if anyone is interested in keeping updated. . . .

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