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    MO - Pamela Dalton, 34, Sikeston, 1 May 1991

    So I was surfing over the doenetwork and happened on these two ladies and then happened on 2 unidentified bodies that closely fit their descriptions. I was able to contact one of the law enforcement agencies for the case of Pamela Dalton. Can anyone tell me WHY the investigators treat you like you are a psychopath and think you are lying about why you are calling? It is so irritating! Can they not accept that there are people in this world that research missing persons and unidentified bodies and try to match them that are NOT unbalanced? Has anyone had this happen to you?
    Here are their stats:

    Pamela Sue Dalton - MO Missing since 1991 (Sikeston)
    Pamela Golden - AR Missing since 1992 (Little Rock)

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    Hi Leslie70 welcome to WS!.

    Did you try looking up the UID's to see if they have a thread here in our UID forum? We have a forum specifically for the unidentified.

    Link to forum for the unidentified:
    The Unidentified - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    thread for tips before submitting in the UID forum.
    Tips before submitting - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    We can also set up individual threads for the two missing women if they do not have threads of their own yet.

    I would suggest trying the UID forum first.... Great peeps there! Especially with possible matches.
    If you have trouble locating the two UIDs to see if they have a thread yet please post and I will see if I can add the links here.


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    Such a shame LE made Leslie70 feel like a nitwit for calling in a possible match! No more posts here so we don't know her possible ui'd

    Pamela Dalton is on NamUs but few details still, it would be great in these circumstances if a family member could fill in details

    Have yet to search for Pamela Golden

    ETA: She had Lynn Allen tattoo on her ankle and a Rose on breast

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    Pamela Kay Golden

    Vehicle found in parking lot 1 block away
    Her family believe foul play as she would not leave her children

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    I don't see any indication that these two cases are related, so I'll make this Pamela Dalton's thread and start a new one for Pamela Golden.

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    Topix has some interesting posts on Pamela Sue Dalton

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