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    CO - Steven & Edelwina Leschinsky for child abuse, Larimer county, 2010

    This is a hard one for me to post. Being an adoptive parent and trudging through the dark alleys of behavior challenges for older adopted children, especially those adopted from institutions, is a very hot topic for me. This story is tragic and I am so hopeful that these girls are now is a safe place where they can receive proper treatment and care.

    Often, couples start out with the best intentions and when confronted with the realities of children's needs, they become overwhelmed and resort to monstrous behavior. I have to wonder about their church. Could this be another family who subscribes to the Michael Pearl method of discipline?


    Larimer County couple charged with abuse of adopted Russian daughters

    "The adoptive parents of three sisters from Russia have been charged with child abuse in Larimer County in a disturbing case that extends as far back as five years.

    Edelwina Leschinsky, 46, and Steven Leschinsky, 43, of Larimer County were arrested in March and have both been charged with one felony count of child abuse and four other related charges.

    The arrest affidavit obtained by 9NEWS on Wednesday reveals disturbing details.

    According to police statements, the Leschinskys adopted the biological sisters from Russia four to five years ago...."


    "...In one instance, police say the parents made one girl run more than 45 miles in three days, all because she chewed her food too much.

    Another common punishment, according to police, was "fisties," having to remain in a push-up position with their fists on the wood floor. One girl said she remained in that position for 40 minutes...."

    more at link

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    What can you even say to this?

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    sigh. Nothing that we haven't all said what feels like millions of times, Belinda. It's so disheartening. Every day - new stories.
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    The girls were 12, 13 and 14 last year when they told police they were punished by being forced to hit each other. They also told investigators that while at the family home in Johnstown, they were forced to complete extreme exercise, including 45 miles of running over three days, and push-ups to exhaustion over a board bristling with nails.
    The Knights of Columbus in Loveland, where Steven is a member, and the Saint Johns Church in Johnstown, are hosting a fundraiser for the couple.

    The priest told CBS4’s Mike Hooker that he didn’t want to talk about the fundraiser. A church bulletin from mid-March includes an announcement that reads, “The Leschinsky family is in need of our help to cover the $100,000 needed for their defense fund against false charges being leveled at their family… Let’s all pull together to help this persecuted family.”

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    Edelwina Leschinsky was found guilty of child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury plus three misdemeanor counts of child abuse. She was sentenced to a 4-year supervised deferred sentence. Steven was found guilty of three counts misdemeanor child abuse. He was sentenced to 4 years of supervised probation. Neither are allowed to have contact with children.

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    At least two dozen family members were in court to support the girls in the child abuse sentencing. Many of them took the stand to testify against the couple.

    “There’s no question what happened to those girls. There’s documentation and everything. They’re not liars,” said relative and current caregiver Dee Leschinsky.

    Defense attorneys said while the discipline was sometimes too severe, it never amounted to torture.

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    Police were called in when one of the sisters, who is now 13, went to school with a black eye on January 10, 2010, claiming that her mother threw a snow boot at her as punishment for “misbehaving”. Later, the investigators allegedly discovered abuse that dates back to the girls’ arrival in the US...

    Edelwina Leschinsky is said to have made them stay in pushup position for over 40 minutes with their fists on the wooden floor. That resulted in a significant deformation of one girl’s hand, the affidavit said.

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