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This is in my neck of the woods. Hopefully they'll release more info soon. There's a couple of women missing in Marin...just not sure they were in the headlands location and we have yet to learn if this is male or female.


Authorities are investigating the discovery of a skull and other human remains found this week below Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands and U.S. Park Police are treating the area as a crime scene.
On Monday a kayaker saw a human skull about 25 feet above the water line and reported it to park police.

Early Tuesday a team made up of U.S. Coast Guard and National Park Service personnel made it to the site - about 600 feet below the battery - and found the skull, bones, jewelry and clothing. The remains were sent to the Marin County Coroner's Office.

"The gender is not known yet," said Golden Gate National Recreation Area ranger George Burgerian. "It's an ongoing investigation."

Park police planned on rappelling down to the site Friday morning to see if they could find more remains or evidence.

Battery Spencer in the Headlands is a popular place to take in vistas of San Francisco and the Gold Gate Bridge. Below it is a sheer cliff where the remains were found, Burgerian said.