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    Damiens wife, Lorri Davis- on LKL earlier

    Just wondering what information we have about this person, Lorri Davis Echols, if any?

    I have to say I have always found it fascinating how people marry convicted men in jail. There's always something "odd" about them for me.

    I would love to see what she writes him, because I reviewed some of his writings on the website today and I thought they were "odd" too.

    Thoughts of others???

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    Above link is the WM3 offical blog, she had posted an urgent letter...

    Dear Friends & WM3 Supporters:

    Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin have spent their entire adult lives in prison for a crime they did not commit. They were tragically convicted based on innuendo, fear, hysteria and a false confession.

    In October 2007 a 500-page motion was filed in federal court on behalf of Damien Echols. The federal court agreed to hear the case but asked that the state of Arkansas review it first. This motion includes DNA testing on dozens of pieces of evidence, analysis from the nation's leading forensic science experts, other solid scientific evidence and compelling witness affidavits—all evidence indicating that all three, now men, are innocent of the murders for which they were wrongfully convicted in 1993.

    Now even more new evidence of their innocence has been brought to light, including a sworn affidavit by a prominent former Arkansas prosecutor that the jury foreman in Damien and Jason's original trial lied to get on the jury and illegally introduced Jessie's coerced false confession into deliberations. Three witnesses have stepped forward claiming they saw Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of Stevie Branch, with the children at 6:30pm on the night the children disappeared. His DNA and the DNA of a friend he was with that very evening have been identified by the recent DNA test results as being at the crime scene.

    With new crime scene DNA evidence that clears Damien, Jason and Jessie, and points to others, as well as the outrageous allegations of juror misconduct, Damien's case is now being considered on appeal by the Arkansas Supreme Court. Jason and Jessie's cases were reviewed, and rejected, recently by Judge David Burnett, they are now filing new motions with Arkansas' Appellate Division.

    Over the years, countless attempts have been made to have the case reopened. On September 30, 2010 the Arkansas Supreme Court will consider allowing new DNA evidence in the case to be submitted and the case to be reopened.

    As that date approaches, media attention to the case is growing once again.

    While the case against the WM3 seemed shaky at the time they were convicted, as time progresses and new evidence appears—including DNA evidence which seems to point to other suspects—it seems more and more unlikely that this trio was in fact connected to the boys’ death. (The strongest evidence against the trio came in the form of a confession of one of the three alleged killers, himself mentally handicapped, which was later recanted under accusations of police coercion.)
    more at the link:


    If "new" evidence was uncovered as they say with this DNA of another, then these three should indeed have a new trial..If what they say about this jury foreman, and it can be proven....then definately a new trial...JMHO

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