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    KY - Bowling Green, WhtFem Skeletal 526UFKY, 12-16, off I-65, red pants, Jul'84

    Ok, this is my first attempt on the UID thread (actually submitted it once on the wrong thread - thanks Carl for the help!).

    Do you think the UID has any resemblance to Mary Jo Burnette?


    The far left picture on the Doe Network gives her face a longer look (longer hair), which looks similar to the reconstruction. The mouth also looks similar to me because of the teeth. DOE Network has x-rays of her teeth.

    Vital Statistics
    •Date Of Birth: October 18, 1967
    •Age at Time of Disappearance: 16 years old
    •Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4'11"-5'4"; 90 - 98 lbs
    •Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; hazel/blue eyes.
    •Marks, Scars: She has a scar on her left knee and a scar on her left calf. She may wear glasses.
    •Dentals: Available. Somewhat crooked teeth to include a very protruding right upper central incisor.

    Burnette was last seen on June 1, 1984. She may be in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She may be traveling with a male companion.
    Mary was arrested in 1984 but the family did not report her as missing until 1989 and the June 1 date is an estimate. She may have been seen in Florida.

    Date found July 04, 1984 at 12:00 AM
    Probable year of death 1984 to 1984
    Estimated postmortem interval Months
    Hair color Brown
    Head hair Brown
    About 5'0" tall (59 inches)
    No eye color is listed

    UID was found along I-65. I-65 runs right through Alabama into Kentucky.

    BBM to bring attention to potential discrepancies. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    A couple of things: The dental x rays (in NamUs, not DoeNetwork), show only her rear teeth (Upper left, and lower right and left). They don't provide x-rays of her upper front teeth to compare to the photos of Mary Jo Burnette.

    There is no mention in Jane Doe's dental charts of crooked front teeth. That would normally be noted in the dental comments section (although I have seen important details like that omitted in other cases).
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    Thanks Carl. I am going to go back and fix the things you mentioned in the original post (title, etc.).

    Do you think the NAMUS pic looked like she had teeth that protrude also? The mouth and the hair on the middle picture looked ok to me, but the face shape on the first seemed like a better fit.

    Thanks again for your help and your opinion!

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    The recon does not provide a clear enough view of her teeth, although from the slight view, they do appear somewhat crooked. The view is not good enough to make an assessment one way or the other.

    The vital stats and timeline seem pretty good, but MJB's head appears wider at the temples IMO.

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    Here is the DoeNet link for this Jane Doe
    DoeNetwork Case 526UFKY http://doenetwork.org/cases/526ufky.html

    Yvonne Mestas might be a decent possible although there is no mention of a scar on her elbow.


    Her vital stats and timeline are consistent, and facial shape looks similar to the recon.

    Although Jane Doe is not listed as Hispanic, I don't think this would be a reason to rule her out.

    BTW, Yvonne's friend Victoria Lenore Sanchez has a scar on her elbow, but her DoeNet page indicates it's the left elbow. Jane Doe's scar is on the right elbow.


    Her vital stats and the timeline are also consistent to the Jane Doe, but she doesn't have the same facial shape.

    Victoria and Yvonne are believed to have left on their own accord, so she could have ended up anywhere.
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    Here's another possible that just showed up in DoeNet today:

    Cynthia Joan Gastelle

    This one may be a long shot. The timeframe is a little long, and the distance is about 700 miles. There's very little info on her to compare, and no circumstances to evaluate.

    But her height matches, her weight matches, her age is within range and she looks very similar to the recon.
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    New Case in DoeNet. She's been in NamUs since December, but they just added the photo.

    Jackie Boyer

    Both Jackie and the UID have scars on their right arms. Jackie's is described as "a small scar on her inside right forearm". Jane Doe's is described as "a scar on the right elbow."

    Her height (5'0") is within range (4'8" to 5'0"),
    Her age (12) is within range (12-20).
    Her hair color is right.
    They both have similar chin shapes, jawlines, and turned up noses, although Jane Doe looks a little wider at the cheeks and temples.

    But then again, Colleen Orsborn's facial recon was also way too wide at the cheeks and temples (See Comparison at Link Below).


    I'd say this one looks like a pretty good possible.
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    Those red corduroy pants really get to me, man. How many children in this country have not had a pair of corduroys at one time or another? Makes me think she could be on the younger end of the age range.

    Listing (without regard for face match) a few additional missing girls with similar stats.

    Ann Gotlib
    Missing since June 1, 1983 from Louisville, Kentucky
    Age 12, 61", 85 lb

    Thought to have been murdered by Gregory Oakley, Jr., but no body was ever found.
    KY KY - Ann Gotlib, 12, Louisville, 1 June 1983 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community


    Nancy Lynn Kirkpatrick
    Missing since April 21, 1976 from Columbia Falls, Montana
    Age 16, 61-62", 90-96 lb

    Nancy has a scar on her right arm between her shoulder and her elbow. However, she's probably a little too old to be the Bowling Green JD.

    Melody Ann Jones
    Missing since May 4, 1983 from Earlsboro, Oklahoma
    Age 19, 59", 135-140 lb

    Melody has been submitted as a possible on at least two other cases:
    TX TX - New Caney - WhtFem Age 15-22 Behind Truck Stop - May 1983 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Submitted KY - NamUs UP Case Number: 82 - April 1985 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    She is about 40 lb heavier than Bowling Green JD's estimated weight (however, from skeletal remains?).

    Mindi Chambers
    Missing since October 19, 1982 from Tempe or Mesa, Arizona
    Age 17, 58", 86 lb

    Mindi is thought to be the following UID located in Orange County, Texas on January 1, 1984:
    https://identifyus.org/cases/4573 / https://identifyus.org/cases/4574

    Mindi's probable murderer, her father, was a long-haul trucker who died after falling asleep at the wheel in Virginia in 1994. His job would have allowed him to leave a body nearly anywhere.
    AZ AZ - Mindi Chambers, 17, Mesa, 19 Oct 1982 - Not reported missing for 13 years - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Mindi Chambers- Missing Since 1982 - Possible Match Explored - Cold Case Investigations

    Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - TX TX - New Caney - WhtFem Age 15-22 Behind Truck Stop - May 1983

    I also turned up Mary Jo Burnett / Burnette, but the tooth thing is an issue.
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    I sent an e-mail to Amy Burrows suggesting Jackie Boyer as a possible match. She replied indicating that it looks "promising", although she thought it was strange that they could detect a scar on the arm when from what she could see on the chart, only skeletal remains were found.

    But it's refreshing to see a much more enthusiastic and engaged response than I received from the previous Kentucky contact (who has since retired).

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    I just received a call from the case manager for Jackie Boyers' NamUs case, who is affiliated with the NCMEC. He had received an inquiry from Amy Burrows, and my name was provided. I told him that I was not affiliated with any agency, that I was a private citizen who brought this to Ms. Burrows' attention.

    I mentioned that I was curious why Jackie's NamUs MP file had been switched to restricted access.

    He indicated that the California LE in charge of Jackie's case are very tight-lipped about it, but they seem to think that she was a victim of a crime in California, but he added that he doesn't think the case has been resolved. I mentioned that there was an indication in Doe Network that the UID had a scar on or near the right elbow, and so did Jackie. He responded that since the remains were skeletal, he doesn't see how they could conclude that, and the info must be incorrect. I started to say that the remains may have been partially mummified, but he didn't seem to be interested in that possibility.

    All in all, despite Amy Burrows' interest in checking it out, there doesn't seem to be much interest on the MP side. But I'll check again with Amy to see if she is getting any cooperation.

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    I just don't think Boyers is the doe. She was from so far away.

    Ann Gotlib could be a possibility for several reasons:

    The now-deceased (nearly certain) killer, Dr Oakley, was from Alabama. He also left on a "business trip" just after her disappearance.

    I-65 would be the only route from Louisville to Alabama, at least until you get to Nashville.

    Depending upon where he was from in Alabama...
    You could take I-65 all the way (central-AL).
    Or you can take I-24 from Nashville to I-59 in Chattanooga (NE-AL).

    Her characteristics are similar to Gotlib:
    The height is close, which is probably a little off anyway because of the "partial skeletal" remains.
    "Red" hair is often listed as some varying shade of "brown."
    The approximate time of death (skeletal remains) meshes with Ann date of abduction/murder.

    Ann's disappearance has always fascinated me, since I was a "kid." I was four when she was kidnapped and she was only 12. Louisville is the closest city to my home. Back then, my family would go there at least a few times per month. And when we went, we usually stopped at Bashford Manor. I remember that when they talked about her, they would show the Bacon's we went to and the walking-bridge over the creek to Sizzler.
    And I honestly DO remember this from age 4. (it's actually easier for me to remember 30-years ago than 30-minutes ago, for some reason)

    There are also strong reasons I have to doubt it was Ann.
    Her case was all over the news around here when she went missing. Surely, with the DNA technology of today, along with the world being more "connected" (i.e. internet), they would have made a match if the doe was indeed Gotlib. I know that her family is still around, as they have been on TV every few years when the media decides to discuss her "cold" case. So they have DNA to compare.

    I am reluctant to call the case "cold" since they are almost positive Oakley killed her. They just haven't found her yet, if they ever do find her.
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    News of a recent appeal from the police on this case -


    KY Cold Case—Identifying an Unknown White Female
    Luke Short, SurfKY News Reporter

    KENTUCKY (3/13/12)— The Kentucky State Police (KSP) investigate criminal activity across the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, and, in many instances, the information provided by individual citizens allows law enforcement officials to make important breakthroughs in difficult cases.

    With this in mind, members of the KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green, KY are requesting help from the public in identifying an unknown white female.

    The body of said female was located by Kentucky State Police (KSP) in Bowling Green, KY on July 4th, 1984. The female was discovered approximately 30-40 feet from the “right-of-way” fence along Interstate 65 in Warren County, say KSP investigators.


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    Ann Gotlib and 7 others have been ruled out:


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    Link to the Kentucky State Police cold case info.

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    Kathy Mae Brownfield Goad - Possibility??


    A bit too tall, but I was intrigued by the Warren County connection.

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