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    Family reunited with dog stolen 7 years ago

    "Seven years ago the Davis family of Lake Orion, Mich., had a Weimaraner dog named Jake. He was just a puppy and suddenly he was gone, stolen from their backyard. Yesterday Jake finally was reunited with the Davises after he was located hundreds of miles away in a Kentucky animal shelter."

    Article and video at:


    Aww... this dog is so cute in the video. I love weimaraners.

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    I'm glad it had a happy ending, especially considering they had gotten another dog, because I read a fiction book when I was a child about a dog who got left behind at a gas station. When the dog in the book finally got reunited with the family a long time later, and he had to go through alot, they had moved on to another dog, and didn't welcome him, so sad!!!
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    Amazing! Dogs are incredibly loyal souls. I wish everyone who has abandoned, dumped, or otherwise pawned off a dog would read this story. They do remember you, they do wait for you, they do love you until the end of their days, whether you deserve it or not. I can't imagine losing one of my best firends for so long, but I just know I would be beside myself. Microchips are such a blessing.

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    Very heartwarming. My neighbor has a "Prince Charles" dog. Really sweet and intelligent.


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