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    Exclamation Computer Virus Alert!!!

    'Here you have...' virus hits ABC/Disney, Comcast, Google
    McAfee warns users not to click on e-mail link which could activate malware

    E-mails that carry the virus contain a link that encourages readers to click on a PDF document file. But rather than a PDF, the file contains a Windows script that transmits a virus and spams the entire contact list of the person who opened the file.
    A note posted on the McAfee site Thursday afternoon said: "It looks like multiple variants may be spreading and may take some time to work through them all to paint a clearer picture."

    Everyone-watch out for those e-mails!! Let your family and friends know about "here you have"!!

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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    I heard this on the radio this morning. These virus's that hijack contact lists are precisely why I haven't used them in about 2 years.

    Thanks for adding the thread!

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    My cousin emailed me last week to tell me she had gotten a letter from me with no subject and when she opened it there was a link to a website that was selling pills. She did not click on the link but copied and pasted it to see what it was. That address was used for close friends and family only and had about 20 addresses in the contacts. I sent a note to everyone using words in the subject that they knew was from me to apologize for the spam and telling them I would put something personal in the subject from now on. My 65 yr old widowed cousin wrote me back that she had that happened to her and I was lucky I was only pushing pain pills. Spam sent from her address was a link for Viagra. So from now on we all put something personal in the subject line, parents names, kids names, nicknames, spouse, pets names.....anything the other person would know it's really you.

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