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    UK - John Tasker for child pornography, Upminster, 2009

    Let's take a look at some of these numbers. This "self-loathing" man is walking free in his community. Is he no longer a danger? Did he suddenly start feeling better about himself? I don't get this.


    "An engineer from Upminster [UK] amassed a "revolting" library containing more than 21,000 images of child and animal pornography, a court heard.

    John Tasker, 60, of Moor Lane, downloaded the photographs - 230 of which were in the most serious level 5 category - involving sadism or bestiality using internet file-sharing software, Southwark Crown Court heard.

    He was arrested in September last year after being tracked online by Scotland Yard detectives. Along with 21,425 indecent images of minors held on DVDs and computers, officers found extreme porn depicting adults engaged in oral and penetrative sex with horses and dogs.


    "....Tasker had suffered a "fall from grace" after sinking into a deep depression as a result of being struck by a heart murmur, pneumonia and a bone marrow condition.


    Passing sentence, Judge Christopher Hardy said he would spare Tasker prison on account of his ill-health....


    "Tasker was sentenced to a three-year supervision and community order, with a requirement to undertake a community sexual offenders' programme and to sign on the sexual offenders' register for five years.....

    more at link

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    It's England, what do you expect?

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    Ummmmmm, so are we now supposed to think that depression leads to collecting images of children being sexually assaulted?

    Does bad bone marrow lead to such a thing?

    21,000 images. I mean that's a massive amount of anything let alone images of kids.


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    And can we further assume that after 5 years, he will have overcome the compulsions for pediphelia & beastiality? Duh!

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    I can vouch for a large number of people with depression and with cancer who don't resort to this sort of depravity. We have 9/11 survivors, soldiers, and Holocaust survivors who would never stoop so low. I'm shocked that the judge bought the "woe is me" defense.

    What about the children in those 21,000 images? Huh? How much self-loathing are they experiencing tonight? Ask the young people who've committed suicide due to clergy abuse in Belgium.

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    I hate this country's justice system.

    and believe you me I am NOT alone in feeling that way. I dont know who does, to keep things as they are.

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