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    OH - Linda Hamilton, 28, Beaver Township, 20 Sept 1977

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 2225DFOH


    Linda Hamilton
    Missing since September 20, 1977 from Beaver Township, Mahoning County, Ohio
    Classification: Endangered Missing


    Vital Statistics

    Age at Time of Disappearance: 28 years old
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair. Glasses.


    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Linda Hamilton was last seen on September 20, 1977 in Beaver Township, Ohio.
    On the morning of September 21, 1977, her children discovered their father dead on the kitchen's floor. He had been hit by three bullets one in the back of the head and one in each shoulder. They ran to the neighbors who called the police. No trace of Linda was found.
    Neighbors told police they heard what sounded like strong, rapid strokes of a hammer at 12.45 am. Some neighbors also later remembered having seen a man walking down the road from the direction of the truck stop.
    The couple's car was found near the entrance of a closed strip mine in view of the truck stop where Linda worked. Prints of a man's boots and Linda's bare feet, led from the driver's side.
    For years the cases remained unsolved until serial killer Edward A. Surrattconfessed to their murder in February 2007 while in jail in Florida.
    He also confessed to the murder of Ranee Gregor. He declared in an interview that Linda Hamilton's and Ranee Gregor's bodies were "unrecoverable by anybody's standards".


    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Beaver Township Police Department

    NCIC Number:
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:
    The Examiner
    Beaver County Times


    Just because Surratt confessed doesn't mean he did murder Linda and her Husband. IMHO even if he did murder Linda, just because he says her body is unrecoverable means nothing.

    Linda is not in NamUs at this time.

    Given that Linda shares a name with an actress it's very difficult to find any archived articles, if there in fact any to be found.

    Linda has been missing almost 33 years. Her children deserve answers. Come home soon.
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    Wow, very interesting case. Here is a link to an archived newspaper article where a warrant was issued for Linda in the death of her husband...


    However, it seems likely that Edward Surratt was the killer and that Linda is now deceased. Not only did Surratt confess, but he was tied to very similar killings in the area where a husband was killed and the wife was (at least initially) missing - though I don't know how many he was actually convicted of.

    Here's an excellent detailed article about those killings.


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    One more thing I just wanted to link to here...here's a post by pghlady on the Ranee Gregor thread which looks like a summary of the article from the timesonline article:


    Names of unsolved murders linked to Surratt.
    sept,20 1977 david a. Hamilton,28 and his wife Linda,28. David was shot in his house in beaver township, Ohio home with a .38-caliber handgun. Linda was never found
    Sept. 27,1977 Frank Ziegler,28 of kittanning. Ziegler a driver for taylor milk co. in ambridge, was shot along warrendale-bayne rd. in marshall twp. with the same caliber handgun that killed David Hamilton
    Sept.30,1977 joesph Weinman 30, and his wife,Katherine 28. Joseph was a paraplegic and was beaten to death in his secluded single story marshall twp. home.Katherine wasbeaten raped and stabbed to death.
    Oct.21,1977 John Feeny 17 of coraopolis and Ranee Gregor,15 of robinson twp. Feeny was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in his van parked near the airport in findlay twp. Ranee was never found.
    Nov.10 1977 john j. Davis 64, and his wife, Mary,61 Both were shot with a 12 gaude shotgun and set afire in ther secluded single-story home. Mary was left in a position that indicated sexual assault, but her condition left police unable to make a determination
    Nov.20,1977 William Adams,31 and his wife Nancy,29. Willeam was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in fallston mobil home. Nancy's remains were found in bradys run park in 1985
    Dec.3,1977 richard Hyde,34 and his wife Donna,34. richard was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in there home in moon twp. police found Donna two days later in a nearby wooded area, partially nude and beaten to death.
    Dec.31,1977 Guy Mills,64 and his wife, Laura,65 and Joel M Drueger,36. the millses were shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in there home in Brezewood in bedford co. and Druegar was found shot to death in his vehicle with the same weapon at a nearby rest stop.
    Jan. 7, 1978 John J. Shelkons, 56 and his wife Catherine,48 John was shot with a12 gauge shotgun in his Baden home Kay was severely beaten, but survived. Her attacker likely fled when he heard her daughter returning home.
    he escaped an on his way south june 1 1978 south carolina Luther Langford 66, and his wife Neil, 58 were attacked in there home in columbia, s.c. Luther was beaten to death Neil was beaten, raped and left for dead, but she surived
    July 1 1978 in St. John's co. Florida wife and teen daughter were repeatedly raped by Surratt in front of bound husband. when Surratt drunk and on drugs fell asleep, the husband escaped, and police caught him in the house.
    Sept20,1978 in Florida Surratt was convicted by a jury on three charges of sexual battery and one charge of burglary. he was sentenced to two life sentences and 100 year sentences to run consecutively. he escaped once from the prison he is in and went to south carolina and was caught there in polk county.

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    Serial killer Kenneth Gordon Taylor also claimed credit for these murders, but I get "serial confessor" vibes from him.

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    Possible match but little to go on other than protruding teeth, age and height/weight. Distance between missing and Doe is approximately 4 hours in the same state

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    Interesting find, never saw that one before.

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