Michael Mansfield

Endangered Missing

Missing From: Lincoln, Illinois

Missing Since: December 31, 1975

Michael, a Lincoln College student, was last seen on December 31, 1975. Around 2:00 pm on New Year's Eve 1975, he received a phone call, put on his coat and walked out the door, telling his parents he was visiting a friend in nearby Arlington Heights.

This was six days before he was to testify against Russell Smrekar, a former Lincoln College student, who was convicted of murder. One person he murdered was a clerk who saw Smrekar steal two steaks from a local grocery store, and he was prepared to testify at Smrekarís shoplifting trial. Smrekar is also believed to be responsible for the disappearance of Ruth Martin, who was to be a minor witness in the trial. Both Martin and Mansfield are presumed to have been killed by Smrekar, although their bodies were never found.

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