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    Release of First of Three Hikers Detained in Iran


    Detained hiker Sarah Shourd freed in Iran

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<still developing story at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Oh gosh, prayers that they've caught her condition in time.



    Iran releases American hiker from prison

    Tehran had demanded $500,000 in bail; two male companions remain in jail

    TEHRAN, Iran American hiker Sarah Shourd was released from an Iranian prison on Tuesday, NBC News reported.

    Shourd, 32, is said to have serious medical problems, including a breast lump and precancerous cervical cells.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    I'm very thrilled that she was released, I hope, too, that she is OK. Now, they need to man up and let the other two go. This is ridiculous.

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