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    TN - Lillian Moran, 56, found murdered, Nashville, 9 Sept 2010

    Officials found her body after son, Chris Hawks, allegedly confessed to killing her.

    Hawks was in Nashville to help at the "Extreme Home Makeover" site in Antioch.


    video & article

    The son was volunteering with his church...but killed his mother, loaded her up and went & dumped her in the woods. How does this kind of mind work?

    Rest in Peace Lillian Moran. Hopefully Heaven erases your last memory of your son's actions.

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    I used to live in Antioch, TN - there is so much wooded area around there so I'm glad he confessed or it may have taken a very, very long time to find her.
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    I hope more facts come out soon.

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    Poor poor lady. Didn't bother a soul.

    Hawks told where his mother's body could be found.

    Hawks just got out of jail. Long criminal history and had been living with his mother. This is what the poor lady got for helping her son?

    Update is he's charged with first degree murder. He had been driving around in his mom's vehicle for some time.


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