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    Post 13 Things Your Pizza Guy Won't Tell You

    Pizza delivery guys share their secrets, tips and best etiquette advice.


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    I learned long ago if you want your food superfast, be an excellent tipper. All the delivery guys know our house and we're always bumped to be the FIRST delivered.

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    I delivered pizzas for a while. There was one house we would rotate who had to deliver because they would not tip. They would actually ask for exact change. Say their order was $13.72 and they handed you $15. They would request $1.28 back. Had another house order in the middle of a snow storm. I walked up their unshovled driveway in a few inches of snow and knocked on the door. While on person proceeded to look for the money to pay me, the other one stood in the half closed doorway and made small talk saying I must make great tips on nights like that. The order was over $15, I didn't even get a dollar tip. Of course, I did have the group of 4 guys who were drunk at 11:30 in the morning and gave me a $20 tip.
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    I love delivery, will give at least $3 - 4 and the change depending on what I order, my usual places are always fast and hot. I don't necessarily agree with if you live close just come get it. I have a place 2 blocks away, sometimes I will send my son to pick up, sometimes I am in the middle of a task or work documents and cannot leave for pick up. Never could bring myself to order in a storm, I can't imagine wanting someone to drive in snow and ice to bring me food.

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    I always tip $5 for pizza delivery. It's easier than figuring a percentage out at the door while they're balancing pizza boxes that I'm using to sign the slip.

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