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    TX - Danny Lott for child pornography, Abilene, 2008

    There are lots of interesting details included in this article, which answer many of my questions. Lott was indicted in September 2008 after being noted to download child porn throughout 2006-2007. He was sentenced in July 2010. It's very clear to me that the child porn collectors and traders are being allowed to continue for quite some time before they are arrested and also must wait quite a while for sentencing. I think this brings up the issue of the investigative infrastructure barely keeping up with the huge number of traders--over 5000 identified in Project Flicker alone!!

    Please note that several other men are named in this article.


    Abilene [TX] man was among those nabbed in porn bust as part of worldwide sting

    "An Abilene businessman and youth football coach was sentenced to federal prison in July on child porn charges after he was exposed by Project Flicker.

    Danny Randell Lott, now 47, of Abilene was sentenced to 108 months in federal prison after pleading guilty in July 2009 to one count of interstate receipt of child pornography...."


    "...To date Flicker has netted 413 arrests and 343 convictions nationwide, said Carl Rusnok, director of communications at the ICE office in Dallas. Project Flicker has identified more than 5,000 individuals who subscribe to child porn websites in the U.S...."

    more at link

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    Mr. Lott is NOT a nice man. He fled after his initial arrest for child porn and wasn't satisfied to lay low. No, he had to seriously assault and terrorize a woman:


    October 16, 2008
    Abilene man on run after Austin assault

    "An Abilene man who allegedly bound, gagged and severely beat a 53-year-old woman in Austin Saturday is now on the loose and police believe he has returned home.

    Danny Randell Lott, 46, who was recently indicted on federal child pornography charges, is facing first-degree felony aggravated robbery charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on the Austin woman, beat her with it and then made her crawl to her bedroom, where he taped her mouth and bound her..."

    more at link



    Texas Cops: Abilene Football Coach Exposed

    Lott's True Nature Takes Hold In Austin

    Let's keep in mind that Lott got 108 months. Read the details.

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    This pervert is from my neighborhood. His child goes to school with mine. When he was on the loose after the Austin assault, the school was on lockdown just in case he tried to take his child and run. Having a father like Lott is a burden that no child should have to bear. I can imagine how hard it must have been for his wife, as well.

    I'm sure that he won't serve much of that disgustingly lenient sentence. No doubt he will be spending his short time in prison coming up with more ways to prey on women and children without getting caught.

    I've got my eye on this *******, and the cops on speed-dial. Mr. Lott will offend again, like they all do. Maybe someday, we'll stop letting them out.

    In the meantime, he needs to remember that most folks around here are (ahem!), "prepared" to deal with dangerous predators...(snakes, coyotes, bobcats and such). Not a good place to be slinkin' around up to no good.


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