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    Oktoberfest in La Crosse

    Oktoberfest starts today. I live in La Crosse, I went to college here in La Crosse. I know how La Crosse works and I am still unconvinced that these are accidentally drownings....

    One of my friends on FB posted these news clips. I have never seen them before.

    I am not normally on this board. I found this after I started the reading Casey Anthony sub board. I am off to catch up on what I missed.
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    I can't believe that guy blew a .4! Those non-police breathalyzers aren't always 100% accurate though.

    Those kids were very drunk, yes. I'm a recent college grad so I know what it's like. That level of drinking is definitely dangerous. But BAC is not a sure indicator of behavior. Unless someone is severely intoxicated (unable to walk, vomiting, heavily slurred speech, blurry vision) most people, especially experienced drinkers, can still orient themselves within a familiar location. We can see those guys who were blowing .25 were still coherent and aware, certainly enough to know better than to go near the river. The men who drowned must have been really unable to walk or stay conscious

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