There doesn't need to be any action on this case as it is solved and closed, but I've noticed for a long time that Cheryl Duggan doesn't have a thread on Websleuths.

Here's her story:

"An arrest warrant on a charge of aggravated sexual assault was issued Tuesday for Daniel Joseph Griffin, 34, sought by police in connection with the murder Monday of Sheri Lynn Duggan, according to a report by FOX affiliate KDFW-TV.

Investigators believe Duggan's eldest daughter, Christina Harrison, 19, was with the suspect and may have been kidnapped, according a report in the Tyler Morning Telegraph." <snipped>,2933,219738,00.html

This POS was living at Cheryl's home in a trailer on the property. After the murder, the family learned that he was on parole. He was also Christina's boyfriend, but she did NOT leave with him willingly and thankfully LE caught up with them and Christina was not harmed.

The reason I want Cheryl remembered is because I knew her. Her aunt and I were friends (she recently passed away) and Cheryl and I had written letters back and forth to each other.