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    Lion Attacks Trainer as Crowd Watches

    Here's yet another story of a wild animal attacking its trainer.


    I don't go to such shows. I don't go to Sea World or circuses. These are wild animals that are forced to live in unnatural environments and are prodded and poked, forced to "entertain" us with abnormal antics.
    These animals cannot ever be domesticated. They are not like trained dogs or birds or even pet cats. They do not have a history of living alongside humans and will not ever be fully comfortable living with us, IMO.
    I have heard too many stories about wild animals being forced to do our bidding and then going nuts on the humans around them. I am so surprised that anyone is ever shocked by this.
    I'm also aware that these animals are hit with sticks, poked with hooks, and baited with food to get them to do what the trainers want them to. They are forced to live in small areas, which is comparable to us living in a closet, when compared to the space these animals need in the wild, and they are forced to spend hours around crowds of gawking, noisy people. I think it's horrible. I wonder when we will learn that these creatures should be free to live a normal, wild life and not penned in and hobbled by us? It really makes me sick.
    For Elizabeth, a minor child, a victim. Thank God she is home!

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    You are so right, these animals belong in the wild. The suits don't care though, so long as they keep packing them in.
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    I so agree with both of you. I wish the US would ban the use of wild animals for entertainent purposes, IMO they should only be allowed to have them if they are a certified zoo or sanctuary. I'm so tired of things like this happening and the poor animal getting blamed for it.

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