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    i dont know 'bout this one... wonder if there has been any other reports of this story? strange that it wasnt picked up here at WS in 2008... kinda sounds like a good halloween tale... but if not, the house is in close proximity to a cemetery - some weird "artiste" could have borrowed some bones (yuk) ... but thats really far fetched i think. and if these two unfortunate folks were murdered and posed many years ago i would hope that there would be some record of them being reported missing. and then there are the owners that supposedly never happened to go into this closed off portion of the home for how many years?? shizzz... im so so nosey that if i would have been all over that closed off part of the house before i ever even bought it or moved in...lol. and then once they do see whats in there they think "ah, just some fake science class bones - who cares..." or that is the way the article was written. i would have been prolly packing a bag and gettin the hello outta there. it was my belief that many years ago science class skeletons were REAL bones. but ive never heard of a non-medical school class to have multiple sizes of real skeletons just laying about... do we have any locals to this area?? or any medical colleges around? sorry to be so cynical... think ill shut up now and go chug some coffee

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    Original article above. Got it from PFF's link.

    2008 (couple of theories in this article)

    I can't find if they ever figured it out though.

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