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    NJ - Easton Simmonds for rape of 30yo disabled woman, Somerville, 2010

    Easton Simmonds aged 59 was sentenced to six years in prison for sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman in a hospital morgue.

    Security video showed that Simmonds and the 30 year old victim, who was a food porter entered the morgue at Somerset Medical Center. Simmonds warned the woman not to tell anyone.

    What a creep. Poor woman. Sexually assaulted in a da*n morgue. I can't even imagine how the poor lady had to go through the rest of her day at work after being attacked by this con.


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    He's 59..... she has the mental capacity of a 6 year old. WTF???? The article says that she has been "completely destroyed" by this event and is having nightmares. I hate him so much.... I wonder if he was on viagra??? I mean honestly, WTF is a guy his age doing when he has to rape a mentally challenged lady in a morgue???? WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? He wasn't thinking.... idiot's don't think.

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