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    Canada - Trever Andrews, 26, London ON, 28 Oct 2009

    Family anxious to find Trever Andrews, 26
    MISSING PERSON: He was last seen Oct. 28
    Last Updated: 5th November 2009, 12:59pm


    Relatives of a London man missing for eight days hope an appeal through the media and a poster campaign will solve a mystery that's tearing them apart.

    Trever Andrews, 26, was last seen Oct. 28 at 11:40 p.m. on Oakville Ave. near Huron St. and Clarke Rd., heading for the No. 21 Huron Heights bus, family said.

    "I am a basket case," his mother, Debbie Harding, said yesterday, dropping off a poster relatives were putting up throughout the city.

    The family has filed a missing persons report with police, but Andrews doesn't qualify for the kind of public attention given to missing children or frail seniors.

    "We've exhausted all the avenues we can come up with," said his sister, Kelly Andrews.

    Struggling with a drug addiction, Andrews has been known to leave his father's residence for a couple of days at a time, his sister said.

    But he always keeps in contact during those binges by phone, or by the computer owned by whatever friend puts him up. "This is the longest he has gone," Andrews said.

    The family gained permission to check his bank account and no money has been withdrawn or transferred, Andrews said.

    Her brother had been turning his life around. He had also been looking forward to an appointment Oct. 30 with London Housing to get his own apartment, Andrews said.

    "He was really excited but he never showed up."

    Andrews had been visiting a female friend on Oakville Ave Oct. 28 and left to take the bus home.

    Police have no evidence of foul play and Andrews doesn't have any medical conditions to warrant a public missing persons report, Const. Amy Phillipo said.

    Trever Andrews is described as a white male, about 5'10", 180 pounds, with sandy blond hair in a brush cut. He has a birthmark that makes the left side of his face appear redder than the other.

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    I just read about Trever in comments by his family under a newstory about Brendan Dixon 17, who has been missing from Seaforth (also london area) since of August 20, 2010.


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    If anyone knows anything about this teen's where abouts please don't make his family wait any longer. ( We have been waiting to hear anything about Trever Andrews for 11 month now and still people won't speak up.)
    Just go to the police or send a message somehow without giving away who you are, they won't care just let the families know where they can find their son.

    To his family... make as much noise about this and don't let it slip under the pile of paperwork. Keep putting it out there. Do everything you can.

    I wish you luck and prayers that your answer will come faster than ours.

    Still Waiting after 11 month, September 10th 2010, 11:38am

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    Waterways searched for Trever Andrews
    December 16, 2009 20:20
    London police and firefighters search area waterways for Trever Andrews who has been missing since the end of October.


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    Ontario, Canada
    I saw the same comment below the article about Brendan Dixon. Thanks, tarabull, for creating a thread!

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    I hadn't heard about Trever. This is my hometown too. I wonder if the family has ever gotten any updates from the police ...

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    Police seek help in finding Londoner
    By By Patrick Maloney The London Free Press
    Last Updated: 10th November 2009


    London police have issued a public appeal for help finding Trever Andrews, a young London father last seen Oct. 28.

    Andrews, 26, missed an appointment with his probation officer Tuesday and his family wonders if that’s what prompted police to issue the appeal Tuesday night, 14 days after he disappeared.

    “At least I’m relieved somebody’s going to be doing something for us,” Rick Andrews said. “I know the kid inside and out — I know there’s something wrong.

    “He doesn’t go more than two days without contacting me.”

    Rick Andrews figures his son only had two or three appointments left before his probation ended next month.

    The family acknowledged in a Free Press story last week that Andrews has struggled with drug addiction, though they say he always keeps in contact by phone or over the computer owned by whatever friend has taken him in.

    Andrews left his dad’s home by bus late on Oct. 28 to visit a female friend. He arrived there and left to catch the bus home, though it’s unclear if he got on one.

    Since he was last seen, the family says Andrews has missed an appointment to get the keys to his own apartment. He was “tickled pink” about the place, his father says, because it was a place his two-year-old son, Travis, could visit.

    A week ago, police said there was nothing to warrant the issuing of a public missing persons report.

    Tuesday night’s “request for public’s assistance” described Andrews as a white man standing between five-foot-ten and six-feet tall and weighing 180 pounds with a birth mark on the left side of his face.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact London police at 519-661-5670.

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    London man missing for a month
    November 27, 2009 17:01From London Free Press
    Londoner Trever Andrews hasn't been seen by friends or family for one month and they fear the worst.


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    Missing Ontario man mystery deepens

    The end of a lost year looming, Kelly Andrews approached her mother with the idea of a memorial service for her brother.

    No way, her mother Debbie Harding answered.

    "I just can't do that," Harding says. "I am determined I am going to bring him home. I know we will find him."

    But exactly what, Andrews wonders aloud, will they find after a year?

    More: http://www.torontosun.com/news/canad.../15699331.html

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    Man missing since 2009

    London police are appealing to the public for information about a 26-year-old London man missing since October 2009.


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    In grief, paths suddenly cross

    Two young people disappear.

    Police wait to investigate.

    One shows up dead.

    The other doesn't show up at all.


    Without knowing each other or the other's plans, each family is holding a candlelight vigil at the same place and the same time Friday.


    "We're trying to shine some light on what happened because there has not been enough light," said Debbie Harding, the mother of Trever Andrews, missing since 2009.

    More: http://www.lfpress.com/news/london/2.../18889671.html

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    Ontario but a trucker so everywhere.
    Wow, I can't believe I live so close and have never heard of these two cases. I have some friends there I am going to see what I can find out about what that area ( Oakville Ave. near Huron St.) is like at night. Ontario needs to do much better at letting us know about the missing, and unsolved murders. This area does not have a high murder rate, so great we have a killer walking around more than 25 years later, and I'll just bet there are a lot of us that didn't have a clue.

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    Just thought I'd add this article I've found on this case


    "Trever Andrews is a missing person, but we have received information that has suggested that it is a suspicious circumstance, possibly a murder."

    The information they have is strong, it appears, but Travis said it's not enough on its own to label the disappearance a homicide.

    "It requires further investigation before we can say anything with conclusiveness."

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