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View Poll Results: Are you satisfied with the St. John's verdict?

291. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, justice was served.

    75 25.77%
  • No, she should have gotten a longer sentence because of the drug charges

    6 2.06%
  • No, she should have gotten a longer sentence because Haleigh is still missing

    7 2.41%
  • No, I think she should have had a lighter sentence because of her upbringing

    22 7.56%
  • I'm not sure

    30 10.31%
  • No, MC should have received the same or lesser sentence than RC.

    128 43.99%
  • other, I believe that Misty will get her judgement when it is due

    15 5.15%
  • No. She should have gotten YO given CR testimonies

    8 2.75%

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    Misty gets 25 years - Are you happy with the St. John's verdict? ***POLL***

    In light of the testimony and the charges against Misty, are you satisfied with the verdict?

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    Nov 2009
    No, I think she should have had a lighter sentence because -

    this is her first criminal offense. She is just a child ...
    just trying to make sense out of all of this

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    thanks for the last one...couldnt have voted if not because she unluckly like rc and tc didnt have anyone to turn over on..imo i dont think shes a drug dealer plan and simple,she wasnt a dealer.imo

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    I voted I am not sure, part of me says yes I am glad cause one more drug dealer off the street. The other part of me is thinking like a mom, she never had one. The drugs were more important to her parents. As my grammie's says she was not brought up she was dragged up. My mother was the same way as Misty's parents are.
    The mother part of me, is when I look at my son who is 17 a year younger than Misty with the whole world at his feet, can do what ever job he wants, gets to have kids and get older with a person he loves and grow old in society. While Misty is 25 years behind bars in a totally different world all togther. Sad just Sad.
    I love my Grandma.
    Time for the playoffs lets go Habs.

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    Aug 2010
    ill go with jvm on this one its tragic

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    No I am not happy with today's verdict...I think she should've gotten a lighter sentence.....I agree with Lone...this was an overkill, imo....

    IMO, Misty never felt that she would actually get all those years...I think she had her mind wrapped around that YO program...when the judge said 25 years....IMO, that broke her in half.....I think we will be hearing about "new developments in the Haleigh case" sooner than we think....I honestly do believe that this sentencing is going to open Misty up....at least I hope it does.
    JMO of course

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    Satisfied. She did the crime. Despite her upbringing, I hold her personally responsible for the consequences of her actions. Was the sentence harsh? Yes. Was the sting enacted in the first place because LE wanted to be in a better position to pressure the players? Yep.

    The point is, she did the crime, she took the risk, these were the possible consequences, the juge made a decision and I support it.
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    Jul 2008
    I do not think Misty should have to serve one single minute longer than Ronald Cummings.

    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    Central Georgia
    I stayed with Unsure. The 25 years doesn't bother me, as much as the word Justice does. Justice to me can only apply if we talk about Haileigh and her return. All the other options had their own reasons. Her upbringing has no bearing on her choice of occupation, I don't think. Getting a longer sentence because Haleigh is still missing...that may happen anyway at someone else's dime, its worth a wait and see.
    Lastly, give her more time...why, she will end up doing that to herself.

    I am interested in seeing exactly what the additional charges will be. I'm so thinking we will see a very different looking Misty next time around. Hmmmm, I'm considering going down for the next court session (the reports were terrible), does anyone know when it is?

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    Aug 2009
    I'm just so sad. When she gets out (if she makes it that long), she will be so hardened. IMO there is now no chance that she will ever be a contributing member of society. I'm also upset that Ronald got less time.

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    The sub-album for the drug-bust cases is updated with Misty's sentencing.

    Photos from various cases (click on left-column names on the main photobucket page...they are in alphabetical order) http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm166/crankycrankerson/

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    She broke the law and there should be consequences, no doubt. But compared to any Drug convictions I have ever actually heard of in Florida or anywhere else I've been amazed at these that have been handed down on this group. How can they even come close to justifying giving a repeat offender less time than this first time offender? More time than a child molester, rapist or kidnapper. It is terribly sad the story of this girl, she has had NO Chance for a good life. Ive seen many here say she had choices. I beg to differ she made the only choice that her experience could give her... there were no good roll models to be found. She wasn't even in school long enough for a good teacher to take her under their wing. Sad. Now her youth will be gone along with any chance for a change in the tide for her. Sad.
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    Feb 2009
    I just can't think she did more than RC here! He was the know it all, or so it seems. His mommy works for the Po-lice dept, or did, and I think there is a lot of muck down there. Something just isn't right. The Hinky Meter is running big time! RC was involved in this big time IMO!!!!!!

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    Aug 2008
    Pacific Northwest
    I think it's disgusting that RC will get out ten years before her, b/c he knows how to manipulate people and the system.

    I think the sentences should be reversed. He was the leader in the drug dealing, and he was the leader in the home.

    I honestly think some serious counseling could save Misty, and cause her to tell what really happened. jmo

    I also think HaLeigh would have grown up and into the same position Misty is in right now unless DCF did their job correctly. So that's where my head is at right now.

    The whole thing is sad. Misty's parents can go right ahead and blame themselves but their children have suffered and continue to suffer for the choices they made, just like HaLeigh suffered for the choices RC made.

    My hope in all this horror is that Crystal is wise enough to hammer anti drug slogans into Jr's head so the cycle is broken.

    I also hope Misty doesn't do herself in, and I hope she comes to her senses, and tells the truth, and accepts whatever comes of it. Honesty is the best policy, always.

    My Opinion Only..MOO

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    May 2010
    This is cruel and unjust IMO, she has been sentenced for a crime they haven't been able to bring into a court of law for lack of evidence. A frightening precedent IMO.

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