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    Interesting that the step father is a person of interest-and what about that man in a jogging suit that was last seen talking to her?
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    Where is Sharon Rose Sons?
    Discuss her case here: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...aron+rose+sons

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    It will be 30 years next month since Nyleen went missing. Where is Nyleen Marshall?


    She was playing with some children who walked ahead of her for a moment at approximately 4:00 p.m. When her companions turned around, Nyleen had vanished. An extensive search of the area turned up no indication of her whereabouts.
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    Bumping for Nyleen, missing 30 years now!

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    I hope this is ok to post here...This a VERY big book, and I only took a photo of a very small portion of it to post here, I hope that isn't illegal or anything.
    This is the little section on Nyleen. That's all he wrote on Nyleen, the rest of the big book is other stuff...
    I found out about Nyleen through this book, otherwise i never heard of her before, but it sounds as if her case is a little different than the other cases in this book.
    The book is about people who go missing while in National Forests.
    Editing back in to say that just in case I don't check back here if you ever want to try to find this book to buy, buy it from the authors website NOT amazon cause the amazon prices are way higher than what the author sells it for.

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    MONTANA – When you walk in to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, you walk past a three decade old mystery.

    “My gut tells me she is deceased,” said a somber Jefferson County Sheriff Craig Doolittle.

    Rewind to a sunny spring afternoon in 1983 when Nancy and Kim Marshall brought their children to a ham, or amateur, radio gathering with other enthusiasts in a meadow in the Elkhorn Mountains outside of Boulder, off Warm Springs Creek Road.

    Saturday, June 25 – A date that would change the lives of many. It was a very nice afternoon for a picnic, until she went missing.

    Four-year-old Nyleen Kay Marshall vanished from the fields where she was catching frogs with other children. “Since then, we have gone back to the area where she went missing,” Doolittle said. Photo in Independent Record – Friday, July 1, 1983. Courtesy Lewis & Clark Public Library But no trace of Marshall has been found, not even a scrap of clothing she wore that day.

    Doolittle explained, “We still have no solid leads.”

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    This case is so strange and sad. Do you guys think the letter sent is actually from the abductor? I have to wonder if it was just an imposter, although they said he knew details that were not made public.

    The area the family was at was very remote. What are the chances that some random jogger with bad intentions just happened to stroll by?

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    Maybe the writer of the letter had abducted Nyleen and killed her soon after her LKA date, but later sought to regain some sick pleasure from the crime by writing the letter to her parents to pretend she was still out there, but they can't have her...

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    Bumping - Cayleigh Elise just cover this on her channel. Had no idea about Nancy's murder - so hard for the family.

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