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    11 year old rescued from paedos lair

    AN 11-year-old boy was dramatically saved from the flat of a suspected paedophile after cops kicked the door open.

    Neighbours claimed the lad was lured there by the promise of a PlayStation and was found naked, tied, drugged and unconscious.
    Paramedics took the boy to hospital as cops arrested a 44-year-old man.

    Much more at the link

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    Thank God someone was paying attention and this child was rescued. Many prayers for a full recovery, both physically and emotionally.
    Happy New Years

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    Yes! Thank God so many people were paying attention and decided to do something. I love that the mother actually went to the man's home and confronted him.

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    Always with the Playstation these freaks.

    Thank goodness the little guy was found. Now we have to pray he gets some good counseling.

    They don't give us the perp's name. Gotta love The Sun though to report he had no front teeth and an untidy flat. That dude didn't pick that location to live in for no reason. He could see those kids I bet from his apartment.

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    I am so sad and truly sick at the evilness of this 44 yr old male. Leave our children alone, they do not belong to you and your perversions. wth is wrong with the male brain in "some" individuals!
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