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    Mrs. Brady's URLs Archive

    Hi guys,

    I have put up a web page collection of Mrs. Brady's daily pages. She had given me permission a couple years ago to put her stuff up in an archive but one thing happened or another and I never got around to it but I took the last couple weeks and finally got it done. Some of the daily entries are just "text" while others contain the hyperlinks to her reference news pages. I CAN NOT guarantee that all of her hyper links to news sites will work especially the older ones. I DID NOT do anything to the verify the 'links," I just copied the daily pages "as is." You can, however, put your mouse over the links and see where the link leads to. But the historical value of Mrs. Brady's contribution in the form of her daily pages is there whether the links work or not.


    Most of the collection is from stuff I had personally saved over the years and I found some missing pages out on the WayBack Machine archive but there are still some individual daily pages here and there that I am still missing. If somebody has them and will send them to me I will add them to the site. I know I have all of 1999 somewhere here on a floppy but I can't locate it right now so when I find that I will add that to the remaining part of that year.

    If anybody saved any of Mrs. Brady's very old dailies from when she posted them on the old BNF threads or on the Joshua-7 forum threads I sure would love to add those. Mrs. Brady's daily news postings are a fantastic timeline diary with or without her own personal daily ditties she added here and there but it is those personal ditties that make her site unique as part of what she did everyday for over six years. Nobody can ever take that away from her.

    As a side note, I have also capture just a "list" of the "thread titles" of all of my own forums on Delphi as well as a few others and put them on individual web pages. They might be helpful if somebody is looking for some particular old thread in an archive. I have them grouped by folder names. If nothing else it is interesting in a historical aspect of "tales the thread titles tell" for those following this case over the years.

    The whole list is here:


    You are all welcome to copy whatever I have on Mrs. Brady's pages or on the "thread title" pages for your own reference. :-)

    There is also a link on my www.acandyrose.com front page for Mrs. Brady's Archive as well as a link titled "other people pages" where you will find the other links to the forum thread titles. I have them uploaded both in .html web pages as well as .pdf files.


    I respectfully ask not to be called "candy" or "rose" as my screen name is ACandyRose (aka ACR)
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    Thanks for the link, I don't know where I've been but it was the first time I had seen the Nancy Krebs transcripts.
    She seems to be a very ill young woman, a lot of what she said didn't ring true,however I was left feeling ,perhaps some of it is.
    I have no doubt there was an Uncle Johnny, but I think her reality and her psychosis overlap a bit on the issue of her thinking it was John Ramsey.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression the Whites met the Ramseys through a 90's Boulder connection.
    I would only hope the BPD didn't discount everything without checking out certain items, certainly the one concerning the visit to the Whites on Christmas by her niece and other family members.


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    I think the Whites and Ramseys first met when the Whites lived three doors down from the Ramseys on 15th Street before moving into their present house.


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    Thanks ACandyRose,

    I missed Mrs.Brady URL. We as a forum need these pages for refence.

    Also, Your pages have always been a positive force in my search for this Killer.

    LOL My the Force be with you ACandyRose.

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    Mrs. Brady

    What ever happened to the real Mrs. Brady.

    Did Patsy kidnap her?

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    It seems after the Krebs thing Mrs.Brady dissapeared which is a shame as she was ,at one time,an asset to all us'cybersleuthers' out there!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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