(AP) 2 hours ago
NEW YORK (AP) Feris Jones' make-my-day moment came Saturday evening at a Brooklyn beauty salon.
The New York Police Department officer was off duty and getting her hair done when an armed bandit came in and announced a holdup. Police say she coolly drew her own pistol and exchanged fire.
The result was cinematic: Jones managed to both shoot the suspect's gun out of his hand and the handle off the front door, briefly blocking his escape.
After following a trail of blood, police arrested the alleged robber shortly after midnight Monday at a flophouse. He remained hospitalized with hand injuries as word of the officer's exploits spread, drawing praise from superiors and comparisons to former NYPD officer Arlene Beckles, who became an instant folk hero in 1994 by outdueling three armed bandits in a hair salon shootout.
Officer Jones' "reserve under fire was only matched by her marksmanship," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday through a spokesman.
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