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    RIP Sony Walkman cassette player

    Another iconic technological device has been banished to the dustbin of history: Sony will no longer produce its Walkman cassette player due to dismal sales. The final batch of the portable tape players was shipped from Japan in April, according to PC Magazine.


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    How inevitable yet sad! I remember in the 80's, how cool it was to have a Walkman! I even had a yellow 'sports' version and spent many hours running or walking the beach with one; thought I was hot u-know-what, rockin my jams!!
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    How sad. I had one and loved it.

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    I had the clunky yellow sports one as well when I was a kid! I think my parents bought it knowing that I tended to destroy things.

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    This yellow one folks?


    Loved it.

    They have a Facebook I Love My Yellow Walkman if you are all that sad.

    Plus look on the bright side. Our nieces and nephews and grands will be hunting E-Bay for one and ready to pay lots of cash just like they're doing with vinyl.

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    Don't want to scare anyone, but I miss my TAPE Cassette Recorder from when I was a kid and sang Beatle and Stones tunes into it. AH... .

    My first introduction to a gig..hehe..


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