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    Holy wow, is it windy today!

    Severe storms, near-hurricane-force winds blow through Midwest


    (CNN) -- Fierce winds slammed into Midwest and South Central states Tuesday afternoon, smashing property and leaving at least 160,000 without power. Gusts exceeded 70 mph in some places.
    I'm in Southern WI--it didn't seem too bad here earlier, but I stepped outside a bit ago and almost ran for my basement, the wind was so loud. I've seen some pretty big branches down, and when I was at the grocery store this afternoon the wind was so strong it blew a sliding automatic door of it's track (and a stop sign over). Anyone else getting hit?

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    It was very, very windy here about 90 minutes ago (NE Ohio), hail and thunderstorms, and looks to be gearing up for round 2.

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    It's not just in the mid-west ladies, it's unusually windy in Pensacola too.
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    i am just outside the windy city, hubby works in sears(willis) tower,
    and they have been dealing with the wind for two days now. down to four elevators in all the buildings,
    he missed the train yesterday and today because it took so
    long to get out. he said he could feel the building swaying and groaning,
    he had to shout on the phone the groaning was so loud.
    they shut down the sidewalk in front because the wind was channeling,
    and going so fast it was knocking folks down. glad it was him. i have never
    visited his office in the sky and after what i've heard the last two days never will. i like my feet on the ground.

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    I'm following the tornado warnings and watches in NC right now. This has been a huge storm coming in waves.

    Yes, it has been very windy today!