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    How old is too old for trick-or-treating?

    Have you ever looked out your peephole and felt scared of a trick-or-treater? You're not alone. Mayor Mark Eckhert of Belleville, Ill., says he's heard a ton of complaints from frightened single mothers and senior citizens who are less than happy about the “6-foot-tall kids” that ring their doorbells on Halloween. His solution: To create an ordinance banning high-school teenagers—that is, anyone over the age of 12—from trick-or-treating.


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    So, how are they going to prove how old the kids are ?? I think after 12,most kids want to stop. And there are some 11 year olds who are bigger than some high schoolers. I went out with friends at 15. I stop answering my door after a certain time. ( and turn off the lights). I think this is only a guideline. Maybe parents can now tell the older ones that they can't trick or treat and that it's a town rule. But really, all you can do is buy some cheap lollipops and give the good stuff to the little kids,and the cheap stuff to the older kids.

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    Depends on where the trick-or-treating is done. When I was in college, everyone dressed up and trick-or-treated through the dorms!
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    If there's no peephole or window to look out, or you can't hear excited little kid voices, don't open the door and they will go away.

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    I trick or treated until 13...had a nice family neighborhood. I do remember, however, being 11 and someone looked at us (11!), told us we were too old and slammed the door. =P
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    Depends on where you live, the area and what the people think.

    I don't go in for the ban though. Too much intervention is not good.

    Let people enjoy the Halloween spirit at any age and just don't respond to the older kids if you don't want to.

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    I think a ban is really tricky, although I understand the concern. How would it possibly be enforced? Young kids don't have ID. Who do you report offenders to? Are you really going to call 911 on one of the craziest nights of the year? And how do you describe the perp? "Officer, it's the tall one with fake blood dripping down his face."

    For another thing, my oldest in 5th grade was at least 5"8-9".

    And another thing, what about older kids who are escorting a younger sibling? Hard to convince them to help if they don't get any candy.

    I went trick or treating at least through 8th grade. I remember my mom putting the kibosh on my hooker costume.

    My sons went last year with friends out of desire for candy, but came home early saying it was lame and they would rather just buy candy. That was 9th grade. I think it wears out naturally around that time, but if you make it illegal then it is just another rule to get around.

    And I know this doesn't apply to the fear aspect of this, but what about parents who bring their infant and hold out a candy bag. I know this is just for mommy and daddy! A few houses is cute for baby's first Halloween, but when the bad is loaded down and they are looking for more houses, it gets annoying.

    Again, I feel for them, but they need to think this through to the logical conclusion. That's what's wrong with most laws/politicians...they're like salesmen who have never worked in tech support!

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    I live in the sticks, and it's common for older kids (14, 15) to continue to trick-or-treat. It gives them something to do, and provides them with free candy.

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    I don't think it should have an age limit. Lots of children are 6 foot tall at 12 and I do not have a problem with big kids.

    I am in no hurry to tell any highschool student that they are "too old", they're ALL children to me as long as they are in a costume. I don't give to teenagers that think they're too old to dress up but not too old to get candy

    What's up with people that want them to grow up too darn fast?

    They are all welcomed here. I sit out in front of my house with the bowl, I suggest the complainers do too, get to know their neighbors, the kids.. etc.

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    There is already an ordinance around here that says no kids over 12 should be trick or treating but my oldest went last year at 13 but says he doesnt want to go this year. I think I went until I was about 14, mainly because my little sister wanted to go and mom wouldn't let her do it alone. I am so excited to take my nieces this year. I bought them costumes yesterday Vanessa is going as Dora the Explorer and Samantha is going as a princess. They were so excited when they got to put the costumes on, lol, that I had to pry them out of the costumes.
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    MY X-DIL (30) dresses up and goes trick or treating with the children. She's right there with them in custom...if you're hell bent on causing trouble, they will find a way with or without age limits...JMHO

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    We live on a cul-de-sac of 7 houses where all the kids have grown up and moved away. We were getting groups of loud teens that no one knew and really no kids/parents, so we all turned out the lights two years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveLaughLuv View Post
    MY X-DIL (30) dresses up and goes trick or treating with the children. She's right there with them in custom...if you're hell bent on causing trouble, they will find a way with or without age limits...JMHO
    I agree.. I dressed up and trick or treated all through high school. Then I realized it was much easier and warmer to go buy my own candy, lol.

    If you show up at my door and you put the time and effort into dressing up then you get candy, regardless of age.

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    Two years ago my husband worked in NYC. Halloween was celebrated quite differently there. During daylight hours teachers took kids to businesses where they were given candy. My husband said residents will not open their doors after dark.

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    i can remember years ago i lived with my grandmother in a not so great part of town and every year there would be all the "normal" kids but then a bit later there would be much older RUDE/INTIMIDATING kids that would show up... they always scared the carp outta me.. im all for letting anyone who wants to participate in the jovial spirit of halloween, but i do believe that there are some out there that are out to take advantage of peoples generosity...kwim? and besides in this day and age you are taking a risk every time you open your door to a stranger. maybe i have become a big 'ole party pooper but i live out in a desolate area and do not participate in halloween anymore - or open my door to any uninvited visitors unless i personally know them...

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