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    PA - Vito Granieri for child molestation, Collegeville, 2010

    Be prepared to shake your head and then get angry.

    Vito Granieri was a teacher. He mosleted five boys. Vito swore he didn't do it and proceeded to cause an entire community to be in an uproar taking sides. Vito got busted.

    O.K. so he makes these kids go to court and testify. He's going to be sentenced and what does this creeper do? Takes out a paid ad in the local newspaper saying how sorry he is and apologizing to the community as well as the kids.


    Oh and he also was nice enough prior to sentencing to let the DA know the names of three other boys he molested at school.

    The Prosecutor freaked out saying the ad was "a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy and self serving".

    Vito Granieri you get 6-18 years.


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    I'm sorry. I am one of the most forgiving humans on this planet but I am not stupid. That ad is the biggest bunch of bean juice that I've read in a long long time. I have kids (who, FWIW, have been diagnosed with sociopathy) who could come up with far more sincere sounding words. Where's a tissue?

    You monster, you. You have no idea what you did to those boys. No idea. It's all about you. Darn your butt.

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    major FAIL w/ that lame ad...as if...pfffft.

    Too bad he only got 6-18 yrs.
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