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    IL - Services run out for young teen girl sold as sex slave

    I've brought this up before. As most state laws are now written, people trafficked in the US who come from other countries have protections and services available to them. That's as it should be as they are victims. However, when the laws were written our law-makers overlooked the tens to hundreds of thousands of Americans who are trafficked--many of whom are children. Think about it. It's wonderful to be saved from your trafficker.....then what?

    What if we would have applauded Jaycee's rescue and then turned away? Jaycee's case is perilously close to what thousands of young girls and boys face everyday--being held against their will, sold, photographed and raped. They are told they are worthless and their families do not want them. If they are rescued, they often have extreme medical, emotional, and mental health needs. How can we expect them to return to any form of normal life without intensive services? If there was ever a bi-partisan issue that needs work, this is it!!

    Most know that I have a young special needs daughter who is trafficked. I'll be blatantly honest and tell you that I have absolutely no idea how we would help her if she walked in the front door right now. Love and good food wouldn't cut it.


    Former County Sex Slave Fails To Get Proper Rehab

    14 Year Old Sold By Older Woman On Backpage.com

    "A teenaged St. Louis County girl who's been sold for sex has run out of the services supposed to protect her from pimps. Investigator Chris Hayes follows up in a Fox Files report, explaining why she might get more help if she was from another Country. The girl ran away when she was 14, forced to use drugs, then sold online as a slave.

    The girl's picture was posted on Backpage.com by an older woman who sold the girl for sex. The Feds arrested the pimp and the girl went to a group home, but not for long. She's now going home to Mom and Dad, who fear they won't be able to keep their daughter safe....."


    "...Rep. Ted Poe, a Republican in Texas said, "They're treated like criminals in the domestic trafficking. In international trafficking, there are some services. We have to fix that problem. We have a social duty to fix that problem."...

    more at link

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    Oh my - I just read this from your article & it made my head hurt

    Pedroli said someone told the family their daughter would get the care she needs, if the family abandoned her at a Social Service Agency. Pedroli added, "Then a criminal case will be filed against them, but their daughter will be taken in. They don't want to make that step so we're reaching out everywhere to try to get services."

    This is just so wrong! I swear, the laws in the great country of ours can be so bass-ackwards...it doesn't even make fiscal sense (even if the parents could abandon her w/o criminal charges) to have the gov't take on ALL her care when she has parents willing to do it!

    The parents must be living a nitemare...prayers for their strength to hang in there & a miracle for their daughter.
    What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
    ~~ Mother Theresa ~~

    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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    Texas Mist--A few years back here in Oregon, a family had to do just that. They had to offer themselves up for arrest to get their mentally ill child some help--by dropping him off at a hospital. It is tragic and it is inexcusable. And this young girl has parents who love her. Imagine those who don't. There would be NO hope at all.

    Check with your legislators as many states are trying to write this support into law.

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