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    I've had more than one question about the thread regarding the virtual world. We are not returning that thread. If members are on that website then they are on their own but please don't bring it to Websleuths. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    I've had more than one question about the thread regarding the virtual world. We are not returning that thread. If members are on that website then they are on their own but please don't bring it to Websleuths. Thank you!
    Will we be allowed when they release the search warrant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia View Post
    Dear Websleuths Members,

    Recently several members have taken it upon themselves to contact very minor players in the Anthony case and the Cummings case.

    Please keep in mind and understand these poor people are going along minding their business when they get that phone call from you. Even if they know they are a part of the circus it still can shake people up to hear from total strangers asking them questions.

    I understand the people contacted by Websleuths Members have been invited to join Websleuths and talk about their situation.

    We welcome with open arms people involved who want to post but please remember, if you call someone you are not acting as a representative of Websleuths.com

    I have to make myself very clear here. If you choose to contact someone and invite them to join Websleuths you are doing this on your own with no input from the owner.

    Please understand, I do appreciate everyone's participation. Every day I come on this board and you all leave me speechless with your ability to find people, to take apart the evidence, and in general figure out what is going on. I bet many times you all figure out what is going on before LE does

    We just need to be careful and respect people and their privacy.

    Thanks for understanding.
    FYI - An important note from Tricia, re: inserting oneself into a case.

    Please be advised that if you choose to do this, it is your responsibility, and you are not allowed to say you are representing WS without direct permission from Tricia. We do not encourage posters to become involved in cases.

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    A reminder that once a case becomes a forum, we usually do not allow general discussion threads. Therefore, when any thread starts to devolve into a general discussion, it will receive one, maybe two, warning(s), and then will be shut if posters cannot bring it back on topic.

    Mods will assume that any thread falling into general discussion and/or chit chat no longer has enough use under its original topic to remain open.

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    Status of AY for WS Discussion, as of Jan 19, 2011:

    A note from all the mods in regards to AY's status on these boards at the moment. I asked the group to weigh in, just to make sure we came up with policy together...

    Anyone can be sleuthed as to their MSM or LE contacts. But only suspects and/or perps can be 100% sluethed. So search warrant info, his comments to the media, and what he has posted publicly in response to questions should be fair game. However, mention in a SW or other document does not make someone a suspect. We should wait for LE or major MSM lead on that. The link rule is as normal, as well as social sites policy.
    Thanks, folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whyaduck? View Post

    • no bashing of non-suspects.
    • no sleuthing of non-suspects.
    • no name-calling.
    • be very careful of how much weight you give to unverified sources from other sites, who, in actuality, could be anyone.
    • if you choose to interact with people claiming to be case players, please don't bring those interactions here - as both the source and you are then unverified "insiders," and this classes as rumour.

    we gave these threads a lot of leaway this weekend to see where they were going, but the facebook comments have started to take over every thread with no real way to tell if these posters are who they are claiming to be.

    I know it is very difficult to manage a case when the msm dries up, and it is nervewracking to wait for charges/trials/info/etc, but, sadly, this happens with nearly every case at some point. Every case team has to learn how to deal with the agony of the long haul eventually.

    Keep zahra in your thoughts, but try not to let anger and rumour get the best of you.

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Discussion of Adam, Zahra's father, 2011.02.21

    Today we moved a step closer into finding out what happened to Zarah Baker. Her step-mother Elisa was indicted on 2nd degree murder charges.

    The police were very clear. Elisa acted alone. Therefore Zarah's father is not a suspect in her murder.

    BUT, did his actions help bring about Zarah's death? I think this is a fair question and should be allowed to be discussed.

    So many people failed Zarah. So many people KNEW she was being abused and just let it go.

    Common sense tells us that Adam saw the abuse. How much we don't know.

    Did Adam's inaction help contribute to her death? This is a fair question.

    In the eyes of the law Adam did not kill his daughter and therefore is considered a victim (according to our rules) in the death of his daughter.

    This does not mean we can't discuss, Adam's inaction as far as the abuse of his daughter or we can discuss perhaps how you think Adam was fooled as well as CPS. We can do all of this without trashing Adam.

    Adam has lost his daughter at the hands of someone he brought into her life. The hell he must being through is hard to imagine. We don't to pile it on by being mean.

    It all depends on how you phrase something really as to whether it is trashing or not.

    Example of trashing: "Of course he knew, what a pig, he is guilty of murder and should be locked up.

    Example of adult discussion without trashing. "He wasn't directly involved in his daughter's death. How much of the abuse did he actually witness?
    I think by letting an abuser stay in his home he failed his daughter."

    see the difference?

    Any questions?

    Guys, we don't want to micro moderate the forum. Just use your common sense. If it sounds like something someone would say on Jerry Springer don't say it. OK?
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    Please donate atGoFundMe
    PayPal and Google Pay use the email websleuthsdonations@gmail.com
    If half the people who visit today gave $5 dollars we would never have to worry but please
    only donate if you can truly afford to do so
    Thank you

    Tricia Griffith
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    Exclamation Copyright Reminder!

    Please note the following policies:

    Quote Originally Posted by tybee204 View Post
    TOS Excerp:

    5. Copyright infringement is a serious matter. Please post no more than 10% from any published document and link to the original. Do not copy
    and paste entire posts from other forums without express permission of the author. If you have questions about copyright infringement, please refer to information about the Fair Use Doctrine.

    Quote Originally Posted by JBean View Post
    Please only copy no more than 10% of an article and do not forget the link!
    Posts that copy more than that will be edited and posts with no link will be removed entirely.
    Please, please follow this rule.

    If you copy an image or picture from another site, please provide a link to the original source or the picture will be removed.

    Be courteous to the work of others.
    Thank you.
    Please do not cut and paste information from pay sites or password protected sites.

    Posts containing whole articles will be removed without warning.


    Regarding photos:

    There is supposed to be a link at the bottom of every photo unless it belongs to the poster.

    Pictures and photos without such links will now be pulled as mods see them - this includes the birthday threads, etc.


    Please hit the alert whenever you see copyright breaches, as these are serious matters which have the potential to get WS in trouble.

    Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.

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