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    Zodiac 340 Cryptogram Solution

    I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to look at this cryptogram. At several junctures I sought guidance through prayer and the Lord provided me with answers as to where to look. My understanding through prayer is that the Lord does not want these crimes to remain unsolved.

    The use of two different colored high lighter pens for alternating words will help you visually see the messages.

    Zodiac 340 Cryptogram

    This partial solution provides the killers name, proof from a past crime committed, and proof from future crimes to be committed.

    Initial Assumptions:

    1. The 408 Cryptogram prior to this one was purposely made simple to solve.
    2. The 408 Cryptogram was also made traditional to lead you to try and solve second
    cryptogram traditionally.
    3. Some of the Zodiac’s written materials were constructed at the same time so as to
    4. All pieces of cryptogram need not be solved to yield killer’s identity or purpose. In
    fact, much of the cipher may be smoke and mirrors or filler material and therefore have
    no solution or bearing on the total message.
    5. The person constructing cipher will have some knowledge of decoding and therefore
    may not utilize a pattern that may be traditionally decoded.
    6. Words in cipher may or may not be in normal patterns – left-right, up-down,
    diagonally, or backwards.
    7. In making it hard to solve as a cipher stand-alone, the words will be either phonetically
    or grammatically correct. They will be in different directional patterns. There may be
    examples of portmanteau words (words that are combinations of two words often with
    one word being in a foreign language). There may also be examples of foreign
    language. External keys may be required to solve the cipher. Normal cryptology and
    computer mathematical models will not be able to solve the cipher due to these
    structural anomalies, as proved true by there being no solution for the past 42 years.
    8. Last of all, since killer stated “Why can’t you catch me, are you stupid? I gave you my
    name”, the easiest way to solve cipher is by finding his name. Not Zodiac, but a real
    name. It is the one thing you can be certain is in the cipher since he boasts about it.

    Location of the decoder that solves the Zodiac 340 Cryptogram.

    1. Go to website oranchak.com/zodiac/webtoy/

    2. Click on “Killed Her” Decoder:

    3. This decoder is not mine, nor have I ever communicated with the website or it’s owner.
    I have merely seen the solution where he has not. He only sees interesting words.

    Solving The “Killed Her” decoder.

    1. SF COPS SEEK ME GARITTTH left to right on lines 1 – 2.
    2. Look at the Halloween card and the envelope it came in. There is a stick figure drawn
    in the upper left corner of the envelope. What is normally in the upper left corner of an
    envelope? Usually your name and return address.
    3. This same stick symbol appears in the inside of the card at the bottom right. What do
    you sign at the bottom of a card? You put your name on bottom of card when you sign
    4. Since both places contain this symbol it represents his name.
    5. The right portion of the stick symbol looks like a letter “F” inverted to the right about
    50 degrees.
    6. PENN is the last name right below GARITTTH. It is the in shape of the letter “F”
    inverted 50 degrees. It appears on lines 4 – 7. You will note that it spells out PENN
    two different ways.
    7. By drawing out the rest of the stick symbol on the cipher it connects the first and last
    names GARITTTH & PENN in the geometrical shape of the “signature” on the
    envelope and card.
    8. You now have his identity. SF COPS SEEK ME GARITTTH PENN. GARITTTH
    appears to be phonetically spelled, PENN appears to be grammatically correct. The
    correct spelling would probably be Gareth Penn.
    9. The number 14 is relevant based on the Zodiac Halloween card.
    A. Number 14 on hand
    B. “4-Teen” spelled out
    C. On inside of card, 13 eyes and than we say “4-Teen”.
    D. On inside of card, 13 dots or periods and than we say “4-Teen”. (He draws attention to the dots by using lower case “t” after a period.)
    E. 14 rib bones on front of card
    11. Searching for FOURTEEN in cipher we find:
    going left to right starting on line 16 and ending on line 20. GRN & GNN are his

    12. Zodiac was operational from 1968-1970? From 1970 –1973 there was a series of 14
    murders in Northern California attributed to one individual with the victims being
    female ages 12-23. Go to crimezzz.net, click on “C” under killers and read “Occult
    Murders”. There was a strange stick symbol left behind at least one of the crime
    scenes. You will note that the symbol for his name is a “stick symbol”.
    13. LOMPOC HOMACIDE – found in cipher lines 12 – 16 in crossed pattern. (former
    suspected Zodiac murder site). Line thirteen start with LO, down to M. The P is
    above the O, reuse the O, the C is down diagonally to the right. Crossing LOMPOC
    you have HOMACIDE. The H is right below the L. Go up diagonally to the right
    reusing the O, down to the M, up diagonally to the right for the A, down CID, right to
    the letter E.
    lines 4 – 8. CUTE & PINK are each in the shape of the letter “L”. inverted. CUTE is
    on line 6. C, than down to U, over to T, down diagonally to E. PINK starts over two
    spaces from the C in CUTE, down to I over NK. You find UNDEWEAR by going
    left to right using the U from CUTE, the N from PINK, then over to the D, and then
    the E, down to line 8 finishing up with WEAR. This appears to tie in as proof of the
    Lompoc killings, which were on the beach near a well-known reef.
    15. KLOPSEITE left to right on line 12. – This is the German word for “noc” page or
    “knock-knock” page. As used in “Knock-knock. Who’s there?” Garittth Penn is
    telling you that the page contains someone’s name. Garittth Penn would probably
    have knowledge of German since this word is fairly archaic in German.

    Other observations from card:

    1. Eyes on card are female which ties in with 14 victims in Northern California.
    2. Look at back of card. Actions associated with Gun, Knife, Rope, and Fire are: Shoot,
    Stab, Choke, and Burn.
    BERN – found in cipher.
    SHOOT – found in cipher.
    STAB – found in cipher.
    STTTTAB – found in cipher.
    CHOEK – found in cipher.

    Six logical proofs that this is the correct name and solution:

    1. When this cryptogram was sent to the paper nobody knew who Garittth Penn was. Nobody would use this name other than Garittth Penn at this time period.

    2. The name Garittth or Gareth Penn is unusual. The name Gareth occurs less than 1,500 times out of 310,000,000 names in the 2000 U.S. Census. The name Penn occurs less than 21,500 times. The combination occurs 10 time or less. The name in the cipher is also phonetically and grammatically correct.
    3. The name Garittth Penn is in the form of the stick symbol found on the envelope and Halloween card.
    4. The initials GRN & GNN found in the “future proof” can be construed as being correct for his name above. The letter “G” appears 9 times in the cipher. Eight of the nine times it is in the form either GRN or GNN. This is a “pointer” to Penn.
    5. The use of the German word KLOPSEITE makes sense since the word tells you to look for someone on this page. This is a “pointer to someone who has knowledge of German.
    6. The use of the word REEF in the past proof sentence is another “pointer”. You could not expect an average person to be aware of this information. You would expect someone familiar with Marine localities to have this information, such as someone who worked for an Ocean Institute or Marine Reference Library.
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    An interesting attempt, worthy of further study.

    But over 80% of it seems to be gibberish, random letters that don't spell or mean anything. That it tells me it is not likely to be the correct solution.

    What do you think of this proposed solution to the Zodiac 340?

    It first appeared in the 1979 FBI file, and is nearly identical to one done by author Robert Graysmith, but it was then worked on and improved by researchers on the old ZK board like Kite, Ed, Obiwan and Claston. Some discoveries of words that appear vertically, diagonally and backwards were made by Kite and myself (AK Wilks).

    It has key Zodiac words like LIST, BOMBS, GAME, BALL. And more importantly whole coherent sentences like I GIVE THEM HELL TOO, SEE A NAME, THESE FOOLSHALL SEE.
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    H E R C E A N B I G I V E T H E M
    H E L L T O O B T S A L T E S E H
    L S E - I L U E H S T H E O L H S
    S E E A N A M E B W E O L L R K E
    S E I L L L F M I T P I L L S G A
    E M R N P A O D E M A H P C E T T
    O A L S T B N E U I S H B L L E I
    T H E S E F O O L S H A L L S E E
    M T I L K L U R E T L ? S A A S K
    D L A U B L N S L O E A T P L S D
    U L R A A L E I T A L E K I T S O
    E T V A R S I E T T A I L L L L T
    L A V E S S O L H I A P L V T N M
    R A H P M N E A E A E L V B A L L

    One thing maybe that I haven't made clear on this - the strange origin of this proposed solution to the Zodiac 340 Code...

    This started, no doubt from Robert Graysmith, but I would urge all to cast aside your feelings pro or con on Graysmith in re Allen, because the code work Graysmith did here was NOT influenced by a desire to convict Allen. In fact, the Graysmith solution has the words "I give them Hell tooo TED", as well as "THEO see a name" and "mail KT" or "mail TK"!

    Others worked on his raw solution, like Kite, Obiwan, Ed and Claston. The basic code principles used by Graysmith and the later researchers were solid and unbiased.


    30 years after Graysmith worked out a proposed 340 solution, which has valid sentences in a normal left to right read, such as "I give them hell too", "see a name" and "these foolshall see", Kite and I started noticing things. What kind of things? Well, absolutely KEY Zodiac words likes BOMBS and LIST appearing diagonally. Perfect diagnols, correct spelling, no anagrams. And it actually starts from vertical DUEL, goes up diagonally with LIST and BOMBS, then connects with SEE A NAME, which appears right after THEO.

    That extraordinary sequence is smoking gun proof that this is the CORRECT code solution, as it is virtually impossible that such words could appear by chance. They can only appear as they were intended by the codemaker himself, and that was the Zodiac.


    A close up on a series of amazing word finds in the 340 solution.

    Also interesting that Kaczynski has diagonal elements in his personal Unabomber decode method drawing. Once again using the Graysmith first stage, which appears in the 1978 FBI file, 18 years before Kaczynski was arrested:

    O....A....L....S....T....B....N....E....U...*.....S.....H....B....L....L.... E....I

    So we have "LIST" leading to the "T" in "A L S T B", a probable anagram for "BLAST" (a word Zodiac used, something like 'when I have my BLAST'), with the "B" then forming a diagonal "BOMBS". Which leads us to "THEO", then "SEE A NAME". Also have "GAME". Keep in mind the following:

    * Graysmith never noticed and never claimed that "BOMBS" appears as noted here, so we can rule out an intentional force of that word. It either appears by coincidence or was put there intentionally by Zodiac. If coincidence, then it is also by coincidence that it comes from an anagram for "BLAST" and leads us to "THEO".

    * This Graysmith decode was done around 1978, before anyone had heard of Theodore Kaczynski.

    * Then and now, Graysmith favors Allen as a suspect, not Kaczynski.

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    I had to throw my two cents in here-I plugged away on each line until it broke. This is what I came up with the three I did:

    Mind you it was late at night when I looked at the cryptogram, and I dont to crossword puzzles or anything like that. My philosophy was if I were him and I wanted to rant to the world while disguising myself, how would I do this? I would write my diatribe and scramble all of the letters. I *think* I used each letter up to each break. If there is a way to transcribe all of it, and then put the words in sensible order, well I am certain this approach has already been taken, but that is what I did.
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    Those are some interesting results.

    I personally think this is a multi-stage code, the first stage is along the lines of what both Robert Graysmith and you propose, and the second stage is a Caesar Code with 0-3-6-9 shift values.

    Can you elaborate a little on how you came up with certain words? Which lines you got them from? For example, BETHLEHEM, I wonder if that could be BETHLEHEM STEEL. How did you come up with BETHLEHEM TOOL?

    You can see my further analysis of the second stage below, and the name I think it reveals.

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    AK = Zodiac gave a first stage solution as best he could with words like PILLS GAME, BALL, I GIVE THEM HELL TOO, SEE A NAME, THESE FOOLSHALL SEE, etc. Clues and hints, parts of a message. Which also is a false lead trap for the unknowing. But which also sets the stage for application of the Caesar Code shift using 0-3-6-9 values. And KITE is right, about a dozen different things have to happen exactly that way for the THEO KACZYNSKI find to come out in such a programmed manner. It is like dealing yourself a royal straight flush by accident, three times in a row, if this is a coincidence. It is way, way beyond any reasonable coincidence.

    I have yet to see any critic of the proposed Caesar Code 0-3-6-9 solutions come forward with any reasonable alternate explanation of this find.

    The bottom line is that IF the Caesar Code analysis by Kite, myself and others is correct, it does more than reveal how Zodiac did his codes - it essentially solves the case, as it reveals the name of major Zodiac suspect, someone who lived in the are at the time, and who we now know was capable of murder, bomb making and writing threat letters to police.

    So people know what we are talking about:

    You can see the Graysmith solution in the 1979 FBI file. Interestingly, he translates the third line as:

    L S E - I L U E H S T H E O L H S

    Note: This is before - about 18 years before - a certain person named Theodore Kaczynski was arrested and known to the public. (And, of course, Graysmith then and now favors Allen as a suspect). So, after the "-" break, we have "THEO" and then nine letters. Then, the FBI file from the 1979 reveals the first part of next line translated as:

    S E E A N A M E

    So, if we put any stock in this 1979 Graysmith translation, which uses Harden Key, basic ETA word frequency and word solve principles, basically confirmed years later by Kite, Obiwan, others and myself, we might think Zodiac is telling us to look for his name, and that his first NAME is or involves "THEO" and then nine other letters.

    So let us take a look:

    R U D N Q B C Q N X U Q B
    O R A K N Y Z N K U R N Y
    L O X H K V W K H R O K V

    I L U E H S T H E O L H S

    F I R B E P Q E B L I E P
    C F O Y B M N B Y I F B M
    Z C L V Y J K Y V F C Y J

    Now here is how I solve it:

    R U D N Q B C Q N X U Q B
    O R A K N Y Z N K U R N Y
    L O X H K V W K H R O K V

    I L U E H S T H E O L H S

    F I R B E P Q E B L I E P
    C F O Y B M N B Y I F B M
    Z C L V Y J K Y V F C Y J

    The number sequence to solve it is:

    9 9 6 6 6 6 - 0 0 0 0 - 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0
    Z C AK N Y T H E O I K S S E E A N A M E

    For the name, that breaks down as 99 6666 0000 33 0. That is clearly NOT random.

    That is a number sequence of patterned repeats. Two digits repeat (99), then four digits repeat (6666), then four digits repeat (0000), then two digits repeat (33). Then it finishes off with the last letter of the name (0), and the SEEA is a four digits repeat (0000), and it finishes with yet another four digits repeat for NAME (0000). Amazing!

    Think of the number sequence this way, and ask yourself the odds that it is random:








    The letters involve only a very mild anagram application to get the name:

    Z CAK NY THEO IKS. "KAC" appears backwards, "SKI" appears backwards, and "THEO" appears as is.



    From UNAZOD poster KITE (edited by AK):

    There are a series of coincidences to consider.

    First, that the name THEO is there in the first place. It compomises the text at just that point.

    Second, is that SEE A NAME follows it, such an appropriate cryptic tease.

    And then the number pattern(9 9 - 6 6 6 6 - 0 0 0 0 - 3 3 0) and breaking up of the name(ZC - AKNY - THEO - IKS) and the Caesar mechanics necessary for it to fall into place are just absolutely unbelievable.

    Then you have a diagonal LIST and then BOMBS that runs right up to THEO. To have a diagonal BOMBS run right into a vertical THEO is a coincidence all its own as applied to a possible Zodiac suspect--UnaBOMBer THEOdore Kaczynski.

    AK - What Kite and I propose the Zodiac did above - a multi stage complex numbers and math based cipher which uses diagonal elements - is IN FACT what Kaczynski later did for his personal Unabomber code system, only by then it was a little more complex. (Thanks to Aaron T for the video). Note in particular the part that starts around the 2:00 mark, with what Ted called his "Unscrambling Sequence".

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Quote Originally Posted by AKWILKS View Post
    Those are some interesting results.

    I personally think this is a multi-stage code, the first stage is along the lines of what both Robert Graysmith and you propose, and the second stage is a Caesar Code with 0-3-6-9 shift values.

    Can you elaborate a little on how you came up with certain words? Which lines you got them from? For example, BETHLEHEM, I wonder if that could be BETHLEHEM STEEL. How did you come up with BETHLEHEM TOOL?

    You can see my further analysis of the second stage below, and the name I think it reveals.

    BETHEMHEL were left over letters as I made the other words and to me they equaled BETHLEHEM.

    Now, I do not believe that you read the words together. If I had more time to give the rest a shot, and IF it actually worked out that there was a process here that might be some what accurate, I suspect that they could be put in an order that made more sense.

    BETHLEHEM STEEL-I think it is possible to go back and look at the letters and find that in there. Which would negate some others.

    BUT, I also considered that the words themselves might allude to certain things vs being representative of actual things. The approach I took was to throw out the obvious, like GIVE THEM HELL TOO. Again, I tried to put myself in his shoes and decide that I would use that kind of distraction rather than the letters actually spelling out what appears clearly.

    Just another approach...
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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    I also want to make it clear that I am purposely not looking at other theories and attempts because I think the power of suggestion works very strongly with me, and I would be confused as to what I am sorting out vs. what has been suggested. There is no disrespect intended at all-I just wanted to try with a newbie point of view.
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    “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
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    I set...

    Quote Originally Posted by AKWILKS View Post

    I personally think this is a multi-stage code, the first stage is along the lines of what both Robert Graysmith and you propose, and the second stage is a Caesar Code with 0-3-6-9 shift values.....
    When I look at what you call the "first stage" interpretation of the 340 cryptogram, I get the impression that it is not the entire solution, but only a partial decoding of the message.

    In my military experience with encrption and sending of messages, I recall using an encryption card of basically a simple substitution code. However, to try to keep someone from decrypting our messages, it was common to do a shift after a dozen or more letters.

    Our card was set up with a row of letters across the top and another set of letters along the left margin. Before sending the message, I would say "I set..." and would then give two letters - first one across and then one down. This would intersect on some other letter, and to encrypt/decrypt, you would use that line of code. After a few letters or words were given, I would shift the code by again saying "I set..." and would then give two more letters, slide my code line up or down on the card and begin with another line of message.

    The Zodiac 340 cryptogram gives me the impression that there are more than one setting for decoding and that somewhere - either in the 340 message itself, or in one of Zodiac's cards or letters, - there is a clue as to that shift or new "set".

    It is possible that there is a numeric shifting of ALL code letters as you suggest with your 3-6-9 Cesar code theory, but there would have to be a clue or cue as to WHEN to apply such a shift in decoding.

    The idea of being able to read Zodiac's message up, down, diagonally, and in a scrambled word version is interesting - but would he have shifted so dramatically from a rather simple code to one so complex it would take years to decipher?

    Graysmith states in his book "Zodiac" (published in 1987) that he had worked out a solution to the 340 cryptogram. This was some ten years after Zodiac sent the cryptogram. Graysmith printed in his book what he thought it said. Unfortunately, he does not state how he broke the code and how he came to his solution. He does claim that Government cryptoanalysts said that he got it right.

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    You raise a number of interesting points, but as it is late, I will have to respond to most of them tomorrow!

    Briefly, the proposed solution posted above as an attachment, the one that begins with "HERCEANBIGIVETHEM" as the first line, is the RAW translation done by Robert Graysmith, before he tries to "force" a full solution, with minor improvements by some later researchers.

    What is odd is that parts of it seem coherent and parts seem like gibberish. I and some others maintain that the gibberish is just a first stage, which becomes coherent with a Caesar Code analysis.

    The "0-3-6-9" was written by Zodiac on the Phillips 66 Map he sent in [see attachment], the one with Mt. Diablo (Devil=666), and Zodiac wrote "69 630" on the car door at the Lake Berryessa crime site [see attachment], and the 0-3-6-9 appears throughout the case as a clue.

    For more detail see: http://unazod.com/Wilks_32.htm

    Your idea about "turning points" or shift points is IMO correct, and I don't have that fully figured out yet! If you look at the video above, you see Ted used a multi stage code with shifts, and they went horizontal, vertical and then diagonal.

    I think because the first Zodiac code was solved fairly quickly, Zodiac made the 340 his masterwork, and it was much harder.

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    Crosshair on Mount Diablo...

    You present a fascinating theory on the Zodiac Code and possible solution.

    The symbol of the Zodiac (cross in a circle) which he drew atop Mount Diablo on the Phillips 66 map is interesting to me. It is drawn much in the form of a "compass rose" found on many maps and charts. Two things are odd about it, however.

    First, I have never seen an instruction "is to be set to Mag. N." on any such compass rose. They are usually printed on the map already and clearly stated "Magnetic North" or "True North". this indicates to me that Zodiac was making a reference to his symbol as being of navigational importance, but without the normal experience of a real navigator.

    Secondly, the quadrants being marked 0-3-6-9 are NOT how the compass rose is marked or referred to. A real compass rose would be marked 0 or 360, then 090, 180, and 270. These for the degrees of direction - and this is where it is important to know whether you are talking True bearings or Magnetic Bearings.

    Zodiac, in setting up his symbol with 0-3-6-9 is using a watch face as his reference. In military aviation terms, we use the clock face method for calling out targets or objects in relation to the aircraft. Straight ahead is 0 degrees, your Three O'clock is off your right wing, Nine O'clock is off your left wing, and your Six O'clock position is directly behind you.

    It is possible that Zodiac meant his symbol on the map to LOOK like a Compass Rose, but to represent something else entirely - perhaps as a clue in deciphering his coded messages.

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    You all are speaking way over my head-I just want to throw out two more thoughts for consideration:


    2.) Something about HELL THIS BEES FOOLS MET SHALL KILL LEPER seemed familiar to me so I did some google searching on the words and found William Blake's Poem, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.


    I did a paper on this poem in college, and while I found some of these words in the poem what struck me was re-reading it and considering the types of crimes committed by Zodiac.
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    Richard - Thank you. And I think you are right, because a pocket compass would say "N E S W" and a compass rose would say "90 180 270 360". Here, Zodiac wrote on the map "0 3 6 9", and I do think it was a clue on how to decipher the codes.

    Believe09 - Vey interesting. I never thought that the Zodiac 340 First Stage Solution (from Robert Graysmith-1979 FBI File-Kite And Other Old ZK Board Researchers) showed possible influences from poet William Blake, in particular from this poem, until you mentioned it.

    This stood out to me, so keep in mind the translated 340 solution line:

    these foolshall see

    among others. And consider how a "wise man" like Ted Kaczynski "sees" a TREE (and NATURE) compared to those he considers "FOOLS".

    Remember too the Zodiac interest in time (telling Bates it was "TIME to die"), watches (found at Bates scene) and clocks, and the 0-3-6-9 of a clock face.


    The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - An Excerpt
    In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.
    Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.
    The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.
    Prudence is a rich, ugly old maid courted by Incapacity.
    He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.
    The cut worm forgives the plow.
    Dip him in the river who loves water.
    A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
    He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.
    Eternity is in love with the productions of time.
    The busy bee has no time for sorrow.
    The hours of folly are measur'd by the clock; but of wisdom,
    no clock can measure.

    All wholesome food is caught without a net or a trap.
    Bring out number, weight and measure in a year of dearth.
    No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.
    A dead body revenges not injuries.
    The most sublime act is to set another before you.
    If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.
    Folly is the cloak of knavery.
    Shame is Pride's cloke.
    Prisons are built with stones of law,
    brothels with bricks of religion.
    The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.
    The lust of the goat is the bounty of God.
    The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God.
    The nakedness of woman is the work of God.
    Excess of sorrow laughs. Excess of joy weeps.
    The roaring of lions, the howling of wolves,
    the raging of the stormy sea, and the destructive sword,
    are portions of eternity, too great for the eye of man.
    The fox condemns the trap, not himself.
    Joys impregnate. Sorrows bring forth.
    Let man wear the fell of the lion,
    woman the fleece of the sheep.
    The bird a nest, the spider a web,
    man friendship.
    The selfish, smiling fool, and the sullen,
    frowning fool shall be both thought wise,
    that they may be a rod.
    What is now proved was once only imagin'd.
    The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbit watch the roots;
    the lion, the tyger, the horse, the elephant watch the fruits.
    The cistern contains: the fountain overflows.
    One thought fills immensity.
    Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.
    Every thing possible to be believ'd is an image of truth.
    The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow.
    The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion.
    Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.
    He who has suffer'd you to impose on him, knows you.
    As the plow follows words, so God rewards prayers.
    The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.
    Expect poison from the standing water.
    You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.
    Listen to the fool's reproach! it is a kingly title!
    The eyes of fire, the nostrils of air,
    the mouth of water, the beard of earth.
    The weak in courage is strong in cunning.
    The apple tree never asks the beech how he shall grow;
    nor the lion, the horse, how he shall take his prey.
    The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.
    If others had not been foolish, we should be so.
    The soul of sweet delight can never be defil'd.
    When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius;
    lift up thy head!
    As the caterpiller chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on,
    so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys.
    To create a little flower is the labour of ages.
    Damn braces. Bless relaxes.
    The best wine is the oldest, the best water the newest.
    Prayers plow not! Praises reap not!
    Joys laugh not! Sorrows weep not!
    The head Sublime, the heart Pathos, the genitals Beauty,
    the hands and feet Proportion.
    As the air to a bird or the sea to a fish,
    so is contempt to the contemptible.
    The crow wish'd every thing was black,
    the owl that every thing was white.
    Exuberance is Beauty.
    If the lion was advised by the fox, he would be cunning.
    Improvement makes strait roads;
    but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius.
    Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires.
    Where man is not, nature is barren.
    Truth can never be told so as to be understood, and not be believ'd.
    Enough! or too much.

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    Quoting the Classics...

    Zodiac certainly was one to quote from many sources, such as Shakespere, Blake, and others in his notes and messages. He also was a movie buff and quoted from older movies.

    Perhaps he fancied himself a poet since so many of his messages were written in a flowing style with vivid word pictures and even rymes.

    It is difficult to separate what was real from what was fantasy in his messages, since it was probably all mixed up inside his head to begin with.

    Could Kaczynski be Zodiac? Possibly. Ted liked to read a LOT and was very interested in a number of different subjects. He spent a lot of time at libraries and had a collection of books in his shed/house. He also frequented book stores to sell and buy books. Unfortunately, I have not seen a list of books which he read, so could not say if there is a deffinite connection with the Zodiac writings. There are a lot of similarities.

    It certainly looks like Zodiac was influenced by the writings of Blake.

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