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    I have no crytography experience. But I have some Wheel of Fortune thoughts on the Graysmith original.

    Working with these as anagrams, for the first lines I would get something like:

    Herb Caen I give them hell too blast these lse I lueh those shl see a name below lrke fmlllies spill it

    Which would mean something like:

    Herb Caen I give them hell to(o) blast these l(oo?)se. I lueh those shall see a name below, like families spell it.

    So later, we have the very clear:
    These Fools shall see.

    Between the two phrases, you have the following jumble:

    G A E M R N P A O D E M A H P C E T T
    O A L S T B N E U I S H B L L E I

    When i look in there and descramble, what I see are:

    ahpcet (upset)
    me ahpcet
    To Blast
    I bellieu (I believe) (I believe these fools shall see)

    Then the first four letters could obviously be "game." However, they could also be part of a larger anagram with the following letters - "made me ahpcet" can be located in there.

    These solutions can leave nasty leftovers, however. SHN or SHIN and GRNPO.

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    So I don't know what to think about the the adjusted solution offered here. But I will point out a couple of things.

    The last line contains the letters AIM bunched together. That would be an "I am." To the immediate left is "Leo." Phonetically the last line, descrambled a bit and read in reverse, could be read phonetically as "I am Leo S. Gates." That would leave the three letters at the end.

    I would also point out that if your heart is dead-set on it being Ted Kaczynski or Ted Bundy for that matter:

    In the third line you have "THEO" and then three letters, and then "see a name." If you were to substitute, what would those three letters most likely become? I would say "DOR" or "DOU." If it's a play on the letters, DOU would work as "Do you see a name." Then you would have "Theodou" a slightly adjusted version of "THEODOR."

    If that were the case, then you go to the final three letters, following the descrambled "I am" The last letter would be theoretically be "D." That could be "Ted." But it could also be "god," for instance. However, this solution would have the problem of the "S" having to be different letters.

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    On the purported Graysmith original ....

    The last three letters are "all" there are two letters prior to that. Then to the left there are the letters necessary for a misspelled form of "animal." Then there is "pharm" spelled backwards.

    farm animal of all.

    Maybe it's "most dangerous animal of all." or a joke on it with "farm animal of all."

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    Blake/Swift: Crime Credits?

    William Blake was an unusual writer, and the crime-horror novelist Thomas Harris has also referenced his work.

    It seems that the Zodiac cryptos seem to indicate a preference for 'active interpretation' (or an invitation to connect 'everyday behaviors' or ideas to strange perceptions, which is why we perhaps see arranged recurring symbols --- perhaps an indication of the 'funny harmony' of crime, or something like that).

    Graysmith's decoding seems to point to a psychological orientation of identifying the overall mood of consciousness of the killer, so it seems from Graysmith's analysis that we can use the Zodiac cryptos to conclude that the killer wanted people not to find him but rather to 'guess' at what exactly was motivating him, which is why his cryptos seem oddly poetic or communicative.

    For example, if the Zodiac inserted in his cryptos a note about a pregnant woman who was murdered, we might find more repetition to signal a spiritual chanting or pedestrian angst message.

    If the killer is strong in the mind, he might want sleuths to understand how he personally feels about weakness.

    Maybe the Zodiac cryptos are elaborate riddles designed to point to a general 'rhythmic consciousness.' I personally believe the Zodiac was a fan of the English writer Jonathan Swift, since his cryptos seem to indicate an interest in 'pedestrianism goosebumps.'

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    Here is the key to the ciphers:

    Also on the return address:

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    Zodiac killer's 340 cipher solved with mirror and key:

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    Here's another amateur attempt. But I have put a lot of time of time into this. I used the FBI method of Line 1 + Line 11 and then Line 2 + Line 12 because the math seems to support that. And my earliest attempts at a "total" deciphering always seemed to show that same pattern. So here is what for the first 3 lines of the now 32 column and 10 row cipher:


    I have found some slight variations to this text at times that might make a little more sense, but the misspellings or miscodings make nailing the exact right words difficult. He also often in the other parts uses combined words or phrases which taken together makes deciphering by computer impossible.

    Would love to hear what people think.

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    I'm going to just rant here a bit if it's alright with everyone.

    Been a while since I looked at the 340 research, just out of curiosity, has anyone checked what the answer(s) cannot be? solving the negative so to speak, simply based on language rules? Assuming it's English, and there's no extra step (probably even if there is) there are symbol-to-plain combinations that simply are impossible.

    If you take any 4 consecutive symbols, you can be pretty sure they're not all the same, excluding things like "From now on I will ki(LL LL)amas, not people", or "I will take over the world with ma(SS SS)-armies". but, say... 5? consecutive letters, even across word boundaries? Ridiculously improbable. Similarly.. long vowel/consonant combos are pretty uncommon. At the very least, you might be able to put the symbols into "cannot be the same" groups. The symbol order doesn't matter, 12345 =LLLLL is impossible even if it's 54321, 14325, 23415 or even 12234, as long as they appear together. And if there's enough data, you might be able turn that into a "must be the same, because it can't be anything else" list.

    You don't really need to know what each symbol is, if you know what it isn't. Add to that the fact that some symbols are so common that they exclude a bunch of letters. There are 24 of the + symbols, well, that's not a J, or a K.. or a Z.. Realistically, it's E, T, A, O, I, N, S, R, or H.. the next most common letter is D and at 340 letters, it would be expected to show up only 15 times; H at expected 20 might have an extra 4 occurrences, but I wouldn't bet on D having 9 over the expected.

    And the same goes for symbol combinations. + and B together make up 36 of the 340 spots. They could BOTH be E, or T.. but the next most common letter A, is only expected to appear 28 times. Any solution where + and B have to be the same, and that letter is not E or T is likely incorrect.

    It should narrow things down. It might even prove conclusively that there has to be an extra step if there are no answers that are within the realm of possible. In other words, don't look for words, look for things that can't be words.

    Personally, I'm guessing there is, and that it's something like "every other letter". There are 4 double symbols, right? He knew that's how he got nailed the last time, it's unlikely he made the same mistake twice, those are likely results of the shuffling method used (...well, they could be across word boundaries, but I doubt it), every other letter might easily result in an inadvertent duplication of a symbol for a common letter.

    ... wow, formatting got messed up... hope it works now.
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