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    FL - Patty & Stephanie Bigbee, Lawrence Works, baby selling, Daytona Beach, 2010

    HOLLY HILL, Fla. -- A Holly Hill woman has been arrested on charges of trying to sell her own 8-week-old grandson, authorities said on Friday.

    Patty Bigbee, 45, was arrested after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said she offered to sell the child for $75,000 sale price.

    FDLE said that after a series of negotiations, Bigbee agreed on $30,000.


    Quote from neighbor: “Maybe they needed money,” Wells said.

    Hello?!?! I know times are tough, but there has to be more options available than selling your grandson!!!!!

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    Oh my.

    As far as the neighbor saying maybe they needed money?????
    Give me a fricken break.

    This is human trafficking, plain and simple. Lock her up.

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    I will never understand how people can be so cold. over the state of the world...
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    Sad to say, black market adoptions are done all the time in the US. People who cannot pass a typical homestudy, due to all sorts of reasons (ie a criminal background, poor health, etc), can take this route. A healthy infant adoption from a legal private agency currently runs $25,000-$50,000. Private agencies also act as a clearinghouse for public agencies and can place sibling groups and special needs children. Costs for those adoptions will be far lower as there is a federal financial incentive to place "waiting" children. Legitimate private agencies must follow all state and federal laws to stay in business. If an adoption costs more than that and sidesteps any mandated law, it is black market. That's criminal as the needs of the child are not considered--only the desires of the adopting parent.

    If this grandmother had legal rights to this child, she could certainly place him for adoption. She would have the right to relinquish the infant to the state or she could choose to place him through a private agency. If she chose that path, some of her costs might be covered ie. travel costs, care of the child up until the placement, out of pocket medical expenses, etc--but not $75,000!!

    I'm making the assumption that the child is one of color, due to the mug shots. Florida has tens of thousands of children of color awaiting placement. Anyone who can pass a homestudy and is willing to adopt a "waiting" child, is met with open arms. They will also receive a full medical card and monthly stipend for the child. An adoption from the public agency is almost totally free. So, anyone with good intentions and a clean background would take this route.

    I have to believe that this grandmother knew this and just didn't care who took that little guy, as long as she got her money. Her actions are despicable.

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    What gets me is how she bargained. How's that work? Like when you're at the flea market? Did she say $75 and then the undercover agent say "Naw, I'll go $25" and the grandmom actually bartered? Did she say "I'll throw in a coach and a playpen?"

    You just can't make that stuff up.

    There's got to be so much more to this story. How'd the undercover agents get involved? Maybe the little one's mother dimed her own mom out from wherever she is?

    Classic neighbor.

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    I hope the baby is NOT around this grandmother (I hate to call her that!) ever!
    What kind of life will this little one have not being wanted???
    Hopefully he is adopted legally to a couple who will love and cherish him!!
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    You know I wondered about that too, Filly. Why wouldn't LE have let her hang herself for the higher amount? Maybe they just wanted to seem more authentic.

    I'm sure the undercover agents had to give that baby an extra long hug after they were through with that mess. I know I would have. (Oh heck, we all know what I would have done--I've got an up to date homestudy and all....just sayin').

    Bless whoever flipped on this woman and bless those agents for playing the part. Sadly, this story will be in the child's files and is his right to have some day. Many would hope that he would never be told but children need the whole story, no matter how sad, at an age appropriate time. The study of adoption and loss have taught us that fact.

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    She is an unfeeling monster, she should be put away for a long time.I am a Grandmother and I would give my life for my grandson.She had no idea if this baby would be hurt,abused,killed by the buyers.Thank GOD the people she tried selling the child to went to LE.I hope that child is given to a loving family who deserves him.
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    As of 21 minutes ago we learn that Patty Isellmyownfleshandblood Bigbee is an armed robber. Convicted. Did five years in Michigan.

    No Florida record though.

    No more news on the neighbor who figured Bigbee needed some money probably.


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    Little guy didn't need these people anyway. He can do much better. My prayers are with him.

    Not sure if many people know that many many foster families are certified with the intention to adopt if a little guy comes their way who has parental rights terminated (and I cannot imagine a reunification effort going on here). The baby boy might already be in his forever home enjoying his family, totally unaware of the maelstrom spinning around him.

    My prayers go out to his foster family too. Bless them for being ready with open arms.

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    The judge ordered Peggy Bigbee, 45, held on a $100,000 bond.

    FLDE agents said the couple brought Bigbee's infant grandson to a parking lot off International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach Friday afternoon.

    The undercover baby buyer paid the couple $30,000 in cash, and the baby boy was put in their backseat.

    "This transaction today was absolutely ‘take this baby, give us our money and go,’" said FDLE Agent Wayne Ivey.

    Agents said it was all about the money.


    The poor child's mother is already in jail on unrelated charges... Grandma's are supposed to buy you ice cream & spoil you when your parents are away. This little guy has certainly had a rough start, but it could have ended up SO MUCH WORSE had these two not been caught!!

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    Are you kidding me ??

    A couple of months ago my grandson was driving me up a wall and I told him ( he just turned 10)that I was going to sell him on Ebay.. I was seriously kidding with him.. Actually he asked me if we could split the money,I guess I didn't scare him.. Trust me he knew I was kidding.. I just can't beleive that someone would do this.. I will never kid like that again. Now I feel terrible for even joking about it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanny1 View Post
    Are you kidding me ??

    A couple of months ago my grandson was driving me up a wall and I told him ( he just turned 10)that I was going to sell him on Ebay.. I was seriously kidding with him.. Actually he asked me if we could split the money,I guess I didn't scare him.. Trust me he knew I was kidding.. I just can't beleive that someone would do this.. I will never kid like that again. Now I feel terrible for even joking about it..
    Don't feel bad, I have said that to my own children... AS A JOKE!!!! Normal thinking of a caring responsible caretaker, would never fathom ACTUALLY DOING IT!!!!! And our normal, well adjusted children/grandchildren would never believe we would do such a thing!

    This is just a horrible case! Mom can't take care of the child, and apparently grandma can't either, what a dysfunctional famliy, and very very sad

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    maybe they needed money ...

    yeah, that's why the rest of the world WORKS to support their dependants

    someone remind me again why we can't legislate sterilization

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    Here are some more news articles about people trying to sell their kids. Imagine how many people haven't got caught yet.

    Accused Kidnapper Mom Willing To Sell Baby::: http://bit.ly/cd0rdT
    Alleged Walmart Parking Lot Baby Salesman Beaten In Jail, Say Cops::: http://bit.ly/9bT4V9
    Arizona couple suspected of trying to sell baby found at Utah hospital::: http://bit.ly/9iCElQ
    Babysitter Admits Selling Child to Pedophile in Plea Bargain::: http://bit.ly/bOLOEw
    Babysitter To Be Sentenced For Renting Child To Pedophile::: http://bit.ly/bigPFH
    Beer for baby dad facing reckless endangerment charge::: http://bit.ly/afASd3
    Man Accused Of Trying To Sell Child Appears In Court::: http://bit.ly/bAlYyi
    Mother accused of trying to sell baby::: http://bit.ly/coYg1A
    Suspect in fatal crash once sold her baby for 2,000::: http://bit.ly/9B4NGp
    PulpNews.Com has the very latest crime news. Want up to the minute updates? Check out Pulpnews on Twitter or point your reader to RSS. All the news is dumped into a cool searchable database, perfect for true crime research.

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