Not sure if I posted the link correctly-Ive never done it before.

This is very local to me. We moved to the area a few years ago.My kids go to a neighboring district. Its
a great area but I was steered away from Midd-West schools. This region is very heavily into their high school sports and the players are like super stars(on the news,in the papers etc). I was told 3 years ago that particular district has a lot of fighting and the kids can be "rough".Not my words-just opinion from the realtor and a friend. 2 local schools (that were heavy sports rivals) combined and made Midd-West one school.Since then supposedly there have been issues.

Bullying is a problem with the kids around here.Sports is super competitive and the parents definately push.The kids go to assemblies and have discussions with guidance but the parents have a "kids will be kids" attitude.

I can see how this poor boy was probably bullied constantly. I love living here-it's rural and "away from it all"- but being different is not easy around here.I believe he was considered "emo".There are some emo kids here but not a lot and Im not sure about Midd-West.

Anyway just thought I would give a local perspective. I dont post much but this hit close to home.

RIP Brandon-Im sorry you felt there was no other way to cope with these bullies.